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  • pong is definitely sweet... really nice theme
  • cheers mate! thanks
  • can anyone email me the most recent version? I just can't get it through sendspace for whatever odd reason benjelloun [AT} gmail thanks
  • @ Wanderer: nice job hacking vanilla. How did you get that front page set-up? is it an extension that I'm not aware of?
  • I know a few people who have jumped ship from wordpress to textpattern. They seem happy with it. I looked at it myself a few times but I am way too comfortable with WP right now to make the move. I have hacked WP enough to use it as a CMS on a num…
  • I'll wait for Jazzman to repackage it... maybe we'll have a few easter eggs
  • I've managed to use Wordpress as a CMS on a bunch of websites to the point where you don't notice it's wordpress at all. I explored a lot of possibilites before that including SPIP ( fantastic but hard learning curve), Snews ( was waiting for 1.5 ba…
  • I'm getting ready to install this extension but I'm not quite sure which is the most recent/stable version?
  • I looked at category roles... just have not had the time to apply it. I don't think anyone here wants to make vanilla behave or look like punBB or phpBB.. all the opposite. I think it's the functionality and structure that is missed. Keep vanilla…
  • In my forum, installing the discussion overview extension has helped a lot, the only thing that's missing is a different set of roles/permissons on categories where they can be read-only for some people etc... If there was an easier option to put …
  • no.. I haven't had time to deal with it. I've decided to move from vanilla to punBB or SMF once i figure out how to migrate. I'll keep vanilla as a my favourite forum software for tech stuff and new communities but it's had to get people to change…
  • I'm not sure about Adrian's users but mine are not enjoying Vanilla. I'm part of a community that has been hosted on proboards forever. Recently, they got banned from within the mainland and we were "homeless" for a bit. I set up a backup board wit…
  • average number of posts a day would be nice to have
  • seems like this extension doesn't play well with "discussion overview". Has anyone been able to get the two of them to work together?
  • I got it installed and configured properly but I just realized that since i turned it on, I've lost the whisper notifications :-( Can anyone think of a workaround?
  • I checked there but couldn't find it in there. When I use the firefox dev extension, it says it's embedded in the page: Embedded Styles from http://raoul.chinanewbie.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=218&page=1#Item_5
  • thanks.. I'll go fiddle with them
  • I've just installed this but I can't find the settings for it anywhere.. maybe i'm just turning blind basically, I just want to reduce the number of post that show from 10 to 5 whithout having to mess with the code.
  • ah! this would explain in. I was thinking that it did.
  • - yes.. the predefined attributes extension seems to be what i need. I'll install it and try to find a way where it shows up on the sidebar with something like "today's Birthday:...." . That shouldn't be too hard I think.. - I was thinking about …