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  • Re: New Opensource forum - would you want to switch?*

    @underdog, personally. I dont think this area of Vanilla, will ever get a community feel, because its just too.. pop in get a fix and bugger off, many havent even got the decency to say thanks, or whatever.

    I dont think its the platform, as I really enjoy vanilla, even with the likes of discourse and esotalk etc hovering around. But this forum,isnt even a half bake tech forum, its just too loose and well ... kinda feels like its the spare room in a large house, you know its there you just dont like venturing in.

    Also, i see guys on here doing masses amount of work for vanilla, with absolutely no recognition from the powers that be.
    My advice, DITCH approved and unapproved, it makes 99% of the entire site look amateurish and unfinished.

    The lack of communication from the BOYS at the top, lends itself, to a "look you got the free version, your on your own, to self police"

  • Re: How to have editor buttons like in this forum

    mate USE SEARCH !

    It is called Buttonbar

  • Forum Post 'Ettikett' - Etiquette !

    I am sure I posted this a while back, but anyhoo here goes.

    1. post a descriptive title. Not just xyz - does not work
    2. post as much information relating to the issue, and demonstrate the issue you are encountering.
    3. add additional information, such as the vanilla version you are running.

    To expand. Titles.

    Try and use the title as the neon sign to grab attention, not the opportunity to be as brief a possible. Example:

    1. Bad: header wrong
    2. Good: Help needed with positioning header banner on "sunshine" theme

    3. Bad: forum doesnt work

    4. Good: Bonk after I installed "kiss me quick" plugin

    To expand. Description.

    Express the exact issue you have. Example.

    1. Bad: Installed "sunshine" theme and its broken.
    2. Good: I am running vanilla forum, I installed "sunshine" theme and I am having alignment issues, please see screenshot below. Here is a link to the site etc etc, any help appreciated.

    Common Courtesy.

    Use please and thankyou. Be helpful with questions asked by repliers to your threads and posts. Click like, awesome whatever to show additional gratitude.

    Expectations of you and repliers.

    1. dont ask a question then disappear without a trace.
    2. if you ask a question, check back regularly to see replies.
    3. be prepared to get your hands dirty, and show some code and or give additional information.

    Above all be patient, theres no wrong way to ask a question. But seemingly theres a billion ways of not answering it correctly, you can mitigate and minimise those proportions, for everyone.

    By being detailed in your requests, problems or issues.

    Oh and ...

    If you fix something you asked about, be a good boy or girl, and post HOW you did it, so that others venturing onto your thread, can see how you achieved it.

    Lastly, 99.99999999% of members posting on the forums, do so for free, and get NO recompense from Vanilla Inc. So be aware that helping ppl is a community initiative, that we all enjoy and support ... including you ;)

    have fun, apologies for any spieling messtikes as I am on a bloody iPad.

  • Badges Buttons Generator

    You can find the generator [here](http://vanillaskins.com/badges-generator)

    If you would like to contribute , feel free.

    If you would like to have a stab at converting canvas to png, so badges can be exported as images , be my guest.

    Further info on canvas to png here

    The code is open src, so feel free to use whatever you want, however you want...

    Just do me a favour, if you STEAL everything, at least buy one of our themes for $5 as a way of saying thanks.

    Feel free to click Like, Awesome, Spam whatever...


  • Re: Where do we find the Reactions and Badges plugins

    Its not available to self hosted forums