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So Apple announces yet another iPod

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I got actually hyped when I heard about the announcement last week, and I was looking forward to it. But well, it has been a while since Apple has announced anything remotely interesting. So, we should welcome the newest addition to the iPod family, well, not so much of an addition, more like replacement, the papa iPod has been changed in to the Video model everyone has been talking about so much lately. You can already load up some Music videos and TV series episodes from iTunes so it seems that Apple doesn't leave anything half done. So, all you cool kids, enjoy your new toy, as useful as it is.


  • I don't really see the point in having videos on a screen so small.

    They should leave it as a music player or have a larger screen.
  • And the fact that if iTunes won't start selling whole movies, which would really suck since dvd quality movies require gigs worth of downloading, we here at Finland can't officially enjoy this machine, since recently a bill was passed that it is illegal to transform copyprotected media in any other format. But I missed a bit on the announcement, a bit that is quite cool and neat and actually interesting. A NEW FRIKKIN iMAC!
  • The coolest thing about the new iPod is that it has a TV-out. So you can have all kinds of vids on your iPod and then connect it to any TV available and play them. I think that is pretty cool.
  • Something that has already been done in about one hundred million machines, but iPod fanbois don't usually take count on other devices and their capabilities/pricing. Which itself I think is the reason Apple brought the new oh so useful devide to the market, because they have to keep up with the competition.
  • My favourite thing about the iPod salivating nonsense that oozes from most people is that many of them don't even have a computer, or any mp3s to put on the damn thing. (They just want it cos it's 'cool'. For that reason I got a Sony NW-HD3 instead)
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Lose the silly thumb pad, and replace the small screen with a screen as large as the player itself with built in touch-screen and I'm sold. Otherwise, it's just another ipod :/
  • Something guys at Archos have already figured out, you can't have a video player without a manly big screen.
  • I think its useless. iPods are good for music, thats what they are for. Lots of music. Not 2 movies on a 2" screen. I find the color screens also useless. It drains more power, and why does it need to be color? So I can see the text name of the song in blue? The iPod spends most of its time in your pocket anyways. I have an iPod and I love it, its an iPod Mini. Very usable, and has its purpose, and its good at it. Playing music, and sitting in my pocket.
  • Well Krak, you have to remember that they are not just players, or should I say, they are not music players, but hi-tech gadgets. It is not necessary to have any logic behind the choices made by the designers since they only have to appeal to mass consuming brainless lemmings.
  • Hey by all means flood the market with useless gadgets. It will drive down the prices of more usefull ones. I wonder how much you can get an ipod mini for now.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Start looking for cheaper pocket PC's :D
  • grin, no, the prices won't go down. Apple just packed a bunch of new features into the iPod and kept the price the same. Hey, I guess it must be pretty frustrating for the competition: Whatever they do, like opening online music stores or selling portable video players, well, nobody bothers. But as soon as Apple does it, the whole Net and the whole media happy happy joys joys like little kids. :-) (As do I, for that matter...)
  • Cause of all the Apple fanboys. And it takes a large company with lots of money and lots of fanboys to get a fad going.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Sadly, the apple fanboy could not be reached for comment.
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    I just got my shiny new ipod last week. I got it primarily to play music, and it serves excellently in that role, but hey, I'm not going to complain that it plays movies too. Might come in useful on a flight someday, and the line out is pretty neat too. Obviously, if I was looking for a full fledged video player, I wouldn't choose the ipod, but it's nice to have. Plus it comes with more storage and is a lot skinnier than the previous generation, thus fitting in my pocket easier. I don't get the hostility here, but whatever floats your boar:)
  • I played with a video iPod last night at the local Apple store, I really shouldnt go there, it's like crack
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    omfg, dont get me started on iFads. ive already ranted about them somewhere else so i wont repeat myself but basically 3stripe already said it - the whole "cool" factor thing.

    as for the latest iFad, video? give me a break. yeah, ill go buy an MP3 PLAYER so i can watch video on a 2" screen! ffs, how retarded do you have to be to be conned into buying one, just coz it plays video on a tiny screen. if you want to play video, at least go buy a PSP or something, then you might actually make out what is happening in the video!


    btw, anyone seen this before?
  • FLCFLC New
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    Funny you mention that...

    mere minutes after I posted, my girl walks in with a surprise...

    Close Up Of Screen

    Don't get me wrong, it's not for video playing, it's still an mp3 player at heart, but I watched last weeks Lost on the screen (which looks a lot bigger than 2" btw nag) and it was easy on the eyes, I could read all the subtitles in Jin's flashback bits no problem, even from a distance

    I'm completely sold on it, but I wont be using it for videos more than I'll use it for music
  • nag, I agree with you on the video playback in the iPod, and the most hilarius thing is that the videos you buy from the iTunse shop are 320x240 in resolution HALF THE SIZE OF NTSC! And can watch them on your computer? HOW EXACTLY MR.MONOPOLY GUY! But I wouldn't watch video on PSP either, the screen is so shiny that you are like packman running on streets trying to find a spot that has so low lighting that it doesn't reflect anything straight in to your eye and burn it out, they could have chromed the whole thing. Portable video, there is no cush thing under 7" if the screen goes below 7" it becomes portable what ever. I got a 7" screen for my Game Cube (useless thing but I just bought it for kicks) and the screen ain't that neat to look at, but I have seen some 7-8" portable DVD players and they had mad screen quality and neat sounds and long enough batterylife for several dvd lenght movies, 11 hour train ride doesn't seem that long afterall.
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