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Reply Plugin Problems

edited October 2009 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Anyone else having difficulty getting the reply plugin to work?

When I post a reply, the javascript properly inserts the reply and all seems well until the pages is reloaded or revisited. Every reply is lost every time.

Any advice?


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It's kind of buggy right now as things have changed since it was developed. After the final release I'm sure it will get revisited.
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    It's cool. I'm certainly capable of delving through the code myself, too.

    If I beat you to the punch I'll be sure to send you what I found.
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    The only problem I found is just a line of php and a couple of bits of javascript that select elements. I can't remember which ones, But I'm sure firebug will shed some information.
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    Is this for version 1 or 2? As someone looking into using Vanilla... it seems there are a LOT of bugs... do I have a misperception?
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    I don't think Vanilla is inherently any buggier than any other piece of software. The difference is that Vanilla is very basic. It's extensible via plugins. This means that the plugins are not designed by the same people who designed Vanilla, and thus the combination of Vanilla + plugins is not 100% coherent. So you get a solid product with Vanilla, but when you start adding plugins from John Smith, you might run into problems. His plugin might not be well written, he might not update the plugin to work with the latest version of Vanilla, etc...

    It may require slightly more technical knowledge than other solutions, but it is well worth it!
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    @orion: I agree with argith. Vanilla is well worth any learning curve.
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    edited November 2009
    I think the perception of the bugs comes from the extensions. To set up vanilla to cope with a typical scenario, you tend to need a lot of extensions. Those extensions are all written by different people with different levels of skill and making many different assumptions (based on their own needs of the moment). The bugs tend to arise when several extensions clash.

    Just to give an example: the Notifi extension sends out notifications of changes to posts and discussions. It works fine so long as you don't start allowing HTML in the posts, e.g. using the TinyMCE extension. The assumption of the Notifi extension is that you will use plain text or bbcode only, otherwise you get all sorts of weird effects in the e-mails it sends out (text messages with HTML in, HTML messages with enormous gaps and entities double-encoded etc).

    The other problem is that there is no way to submit bugs and fix them for the community if the extension developer is not around. I have my own bug fixes to a dozen extensions I use on a public subversion server. I have reported most of these bugs to the extension authors, but the authors have simply not been around to read them and incorporate the fixes. There seems to be no way to get these fixes into the extensions, and so they rot away.

    -- Jason
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