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My Bookmarks broken?

edited October 2009 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Is it just me, or is the "My Bookmarks" page /discussions/bookmarked/ in Vanilla 2 (and hence this site) horribly broken?

If I view the page I get to see 20 of my bookmarks, but when I click the "More Discussions" link at the bottom it loads in the latest discussions from the whole site, which I have not bookmarked!

Also, this page just seems to be pretty horrible with respect to usability.
  1. In the main menu I have an indication of how many bookmarks I have, but on the actual page this isn't mentioned anywhere.
  2. How is the page sorted?
  3. Why can't I change this sort?
  4. Why can't I view a larger/smaller number at a time?
  5. Why can't I just view all my bookmarks?
  6. Which of the bookmarks am I currently viewing (this is dependant on the sort and number I'm viewing)?


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I didn't realize the bookmarks were broken - those are bugs. Ironically, I'll bookmark this and come back to it when I have time :)
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    lucluc ✭✭
    1. Same thing as for discussions.

    2. As the discussions, latest first.

    3. Same thing as the discussions, no way to change the sort (I don't see the point).

    4. Is the number related to the number of discussions per page set in configuration?

    5. Yep, maybe it could an option to list everything but working the same way as the discussions seems normal to me.

    6. I don't quite understand what you're saying with this.

    Apart from the more button not working properly, it all seems consistent with the way discussions work.

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    edited November 2009
    Yes, but Bookmarks aren't Discussions and Discussions aren't Bookmarks, one tends to treat them differently, that's why I've made the suggestions.

    1. Sure you don't have to say how many bookmarks you have, in which case I'd lose it from the menu...
    2. Yes, but latest with respect to what? Activity on the discussion? Date you bookmarked it? Again, if it says...
    3. You may not see the point, but what if I want t get to the least recently updated/bookmarked bookmark? Even if the "more" button was working properly, if I have 6000 bookmarks, it would take an AGE to get there.
    4. Probably, but this is a setting which the user (the person who the bookmarks are for) has no control over.
    5. Again, if you're trying to find something...
    6. e.g. previous page, viewing 21-30 of 321 bookmarks, next page

    Also, how about just searching within your bookmarks? That would be very helpful.

    Edit: The default text formatter sucks tbh, just look at the above plain text "list" - you'd think I've not hit the return key, but you'd be wrong... I hope it's going to be fixed before V2 is released.
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