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wmv editing

edited October 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Anyone know a good freeware program that will let me cut the first 7 minutes off a .wmv file and resave in a decent quality? Everyone I've found either will not save, or doesn't save properly.


  • can't help you. sorry. There are plenty of windows users in here. Can anyone lend Evios a hand?
  • I dont think you are going to find what you want for free. The best chance of doing this for free might be converting the wmv to something else like avi then splitting the file. wmv is evil anyways. I still dont know of any free software to do this.
  • not sure if it will do what your looking for but try virtualdub
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Doesn't that little windows movie maker app that comes with XP handle this? As far as I know, WMV files are compressed beyond a reasonable doubt, so you can't reverse any of the "quality" which is already present without the help of NASA.
  • KrakKrak New
    edited October 2005
    Your right Lech, forgot all about that. I just tried it out and it will split a file. Use Windows Movie Maker, import the WMV you want to split, select the movie clip, then in the window on the right move the bar to the point where you want to split the movie, right click select split. It will then make the split and place it in the left window. Drag the split copy to the bottom where the film bar is, then goto file and export/save movie. That should do it. Dont know how the quality will be, didnt really look for that, but it did split the file.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Yeah, as far as quality goes, it's going to be either the same or worse (video-wise) due to the craptastic video compression WMV offers (yay for jaggies). But yeah, don't expect much other than performing the small edit here and there.
  • Honestly, I don't care about quality, it's a Webinar for work where the MCI operators forgot to turn on listen mode for everyone who was attending... so the Webinar hosts were presenting, but no one could hear. I'm just cutting off the 8 minute section where there's either hold music or silence :) This was not a great way to start our webinar hosting experience. Thanks for your help guys, worked great.
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