Vanilla 1 is no longer supported or maintained. If you need a copy, you can get it here.
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We Want Your Input on Vanilla 1.2



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    edited February 2010
    Why this focus on another version of 1 when 2 is in beta? Shouldn't this effort be directed at it?

    i agree, feature freeze 1 and work on 2

    update: it looks like V2 will be vanilla with garden included.. so vanilla forums "no matter the version" will continue dev as is.. i think

    hopefully some clarification from the naming of garden/vanilla will come from the other thread to clear things up.
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    thanks, i would like to see RSS support along with polls

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    Any news about when v1.2 will be released?
    Here I am again, looking for a simple forum package, and v2 is still not ready... :(
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    @Tudor: I don't think it will be long until it is released officially, we just have a couple more things to do. You can always just get the latest build from the repository and see if you like it, since that is ~90% of 1.2, if you don't like the latest SVN build you won't like 1.2 :)
    Or you can use 1.1.10 in the meantime, it will be an easy upgrade to 1.2 from that.
    Just depends if you feel adventurous for a non-official build or not :)
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    I installed 1.2 but I got a warning on top of the page, repeated twice:

    Warning: Wrong parameter count for str_replace() in /library/Framework/Framework.Control.Head.php on line 114

    Any ideas what could be wrong?
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    It means you're using an old version of PHP.
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    There have been some changes made to /library/Framework/Framework.Control.Head.php to allow to pack css and js files together and to force refresh of js and css files with long expiry dates.

    It still needs some work.
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    member list

    bbcode management
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    Is anyone looking at this feedback and finalizing what would be included in 1.2?
    I am quite keen to see what would be included in 1.2 :D
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    Yes, we're keeping records of each vote in a poll-like format.
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    So far, there are only Squirrel and Subjunk who volunteered to include theirs or others' extension to Vanilla. Here is the list:

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    edited April 2010
    Crazy thought, but since this is a pretty major release for Vanilla 1, how about simplyfying the terminology and renaming "Extensions" and all references to it (including the directory structure) to "plugins" in order to match the addons site?

    It would possibly help prevent people getting confused...
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    Assuming I get more feedback and widespread testing on it, I wouldn't mind ImageResizer to be included. Though it looks like HtmlFormatter does a similar thing with a few less features.
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    As a new Vanilla user I have been impressed by the general look and feel and operation of the software but it lacks a certain something that plugins have provided. I would like to see Page Manager, Default Page and Nuggets included as standard.
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    I think those are good suggestions... they might need some serious updating/code review though. Any offers?
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    I already made this suggestion in Feb here and it was rejected.
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    Permissions for categories so that you can, for example, have an Announcements category in which only Admin can create new discussions and members may only read and comment. This is a showstopper for me at the moment. I've tried CategoryRoles but it doesn't stop discussions being moved into "Admin only" categories.
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    @SubJunk I didn't know that. Still, I stand by my suggestion that it would be a good idea to change it - afterall, my link to the conversation pretty much was a complaint ;)

    I guess the reason to not do it is it would be a lot of work checking it doesn't break stuff and asking for translations to be updated?
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