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When apple are such a lovely company, why oh why do they have to come out with such a bastard piece of shit of a media player? Just to piss off the windows users? And now theyve done that, why do they also force me to use their bastard piece of shit itunes when i dont use my ipod? Oooh, good idea, when someone's forced to use our bastard media player, we should add an extra 30meg onto the download just to keep their connection in use. Please excuse my use of the words 'bastard' and 'shit', but really now. Why?


  • No one forces you to do anything, it's your decision to download them
  • I agree minisweeper, there's no will for me to upgrade quicktime because I don't want iTunes, and forcing me to download it with quicktime is immoral.
  • Ummm... you could just download the standalone quicktime installer.
  • which is hidden for what reason? (compared to the normal link) If people want a media player they want the media player, if they want itunes they'll download itunes. The default shouldnt be for quicktunes to be packaged with itunes. Its like when people complained that fb was packaged with vanilla, except fb weighs in at about 2k and had a purpose in the equation.
  • which is hidden for what reason?

    Well if people download iTunes as well then they may well be tempted to check out the iTunes store and possibly buy something. It's annoying admittedly.

    I have to have iTunes though. My iPod goes weird every time I've tried something other than iTunes for it.

    The most annoying thing about iTunes is the fact that the media library doesn't automatically update. You either have to remember to add albums as and when you do them or just delete the library and start again. Bastards. It's version 6 and the library won't autoupdate? Lame.
  • How do you mean auto-update? There's a feature called Consolidate Library, is that what you mean?
  • Why do you bother to keep files outside the iTunes-library? The software is doing an excellent job organising your files, so just import directly to it and erase all the other MP3s you have chaotically lying around...
  • gigingergiginger New
    edited October 2005
    I've not looked at this consolidate library. This sounds good. cstuder: The last time I let iTunes loose on my files it rearranged and renamed everything. I had already spent a long time sorting all my mp3s into a set structure. It's my own fault I suppose for not checking all the options that were there. my mp3s are set up as My Music/Sorted/<artist name>/<album>/<tracknumber> - <artist> - <tracktitle> There's an unsorted folder which I'm working through as well. iTunes added a lot to that :( I'll check out this consolidate feature though. Could be what I'm looking for.
  • It automatically sorts all your music into folders by Artist and then Author.
  • That sounds pretty much the oposite of what giginger wants if he's already done it himself. I was quite impressed with the way itunes did that but based on the fact that most my mp3's have fucked up id3's it wasnt hugely successful. What i really need is it to fix my id3's first.
  • mini: is what I use to sort out my mp3 collection. Pretty damn good in my opinion.

    ben: I wouldn've have minded that sorting too much but it was the file renaming I didn't like. It decided that my file names were too long or something and changed a load of them to partial length names and put _'s all over the place and (1) (2) etc at the end. GAH!
  • The faster you switch over to iTunes the faster you get over the crappy ID3 tag sitution and the faster you get your whole mp3 folder organized, I'm a happy owner of 20gig mp3 folder with picture perfect ID3 assortion (mostly thanks to the fact that over half of the songs there come from my own CDs but meh.)
  • So what went wrong with it on my computer then? It wasn't very nicely organised for me.
  • iTunes arranges the files based on their ID3 tags, so if your ID3 tag says Artist: Kosmo Record: The Best of Kosmo and Song: I Love the Ladies It will toss the file to a folder under Kosmo/The Best of Kosmo, and if it didn't work like that your ID3 tags might be fuxored or there is something wrong with your iTunes/Machine/OS
  • Well my OS is XP so that's one reason. I'm pretty much 100% sure that my ID3 tags in my Sorted folder are nigh on perfect. Maybe a couple of typos.

    I daren't try it again though :)
  • My point is that you won't need to bother with your files anymore once their all in your iTunes-library and correctly tagged. I haven't seen my MP3s for years now. All I need is the browse, search & smart playlist features in iTunes.
  • Ah right. I use slsk and I hate seeing horrible file names. I like to give as I receive etc.

    Thanks for the extra tips though :)
  • You need to let go! Apple knows what's good for you...
  • Ermmmmmm, I'm getting a Mac Mini soon hopefully. Maybe then :P
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