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Vanilla Poor View Structure - Why not complete the MVC model perfectly?

edited December 2009 in Feedback
Hello Vanilla devs!
First let me express my appreciation for the "way" this forum package has been coded from a developers point of view. I think it is the first MVC coded opensource forum package available? Very neatly structured patterns.

That said, I see one part where you fail. The theme is stored in php variables and then outputted. In other words, you are making a terrible mixture of codes and html tags which is AWEFUL! It does not make sense to me that you guys with such a good MVC approach fails the view part? Just consider how painful it is for someone who wants to work on a different theme.

What I propose is that you guys try to separate html templates from the codes. Use a templating library like SAVANT since it is completely OOP oriented and will fit perfectly in this MVC model.

I think if you guy cope with this "view" part, it will be a perfectly structured from a developers point of view. And hence more flexibility for people designing new themes.

I have fell in love with this package, I'm impressed with the following:
1) It's simplicity
2) It's coding philosophy

Keep going Vanilla, it's a damm good work!
- Wakish -
(Wakish Wonderz)



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    urm, why is the next line taken as single lines?
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    SS ✭✭
    edited December 2009
    PHP: <?php if($DataSet->NumRows() == 0):?> <li><?php echo $VarName ?> </li> <?endif;?>

    some cheerless-shit-template engine
    {if NumRow eq 0} <li>{VarName} </li> {/if}

    What is the difference?
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    SS ✭✭
    edited December 2009
    Logic and output are separated in Garden (MVC?). Full separated php code and html is not necessary.
    Replacement native php by any template engine code it is a "replacement awl for soap" (our proverb), to the prejudice of speed -)
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    edited December 2009
    <?php //head.php $HeadString = 'all html pertaining to the head + php tags everywhere'; echo $HeadString . '</head>'; ?>

    This was very sexy? :)

    It's not about difference, it's about organizing the page in a way that a web designer (or any other one willing to change the html structure) can have more flexibility in what he does best, presenting/structuring HTML.

    In the example of the head/footer, it's cool for him to modify something, not to mention the headaches of escaping characters!? Heck not!
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    edited December 2009
    Ah ok, I was looking at the stable version. So the 2.0 is using the so-called "Garden" which has a better "Views"?

    The GARDEN is a framework you guys are creating? Never heard of it before, I could not browse it's domain, it redirects back to vf.org?

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    SS ✭✭
    edited December 2009
    @Comment_99036 Do you mean Vanilla 1 here or what?
    Anyway, check http://vanillaforums.org/docs
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    Yeah he was talking about Vanilla 1 obviously.
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