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Microsoft to beat Google to online office?

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It was rumored that Google was working on some sort of online office tools. But now Microsoft has announced that they are working on Windows Live and Office Live, where Windows Live is like the MSN with blog, Messenger and Mail software, the Office Live is something that hasn't been done before or atleast is not in popular use nor knowledge. Office Live as many could figure out from the name is basically the office suite in the browser, both of them will be free, funded with ads, but the Office will have a subscription version also without the pesky ads and more features. It remains to be seen if the Google online office suite was true and if it sitll is going to come. But I have to say that this time MS beat them in their own game.


  • Google is better with AJAX ^^
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Google was working with the Open Office team, weren't they?
  • I think thats what kosmo was saying, lech, but it hasnt been released yet - therefore ms might release first.
  • Um, maybe I'm completely misreading this, or getting the wrong impression from the leaked screenshots, but it looks like "Office Live" is really "Outlook Live", with a few Microsoft Project features thrown in?

    I mean, it's cool and all, but Exchange Server has had a pretty nice web-based outlook interface for a while; this tech is hardly groundbreaking. It's not as though Word or Excel 13 are going to be web-based.
  • they could be. I think that is the revolutionary thing about it. google and ms want to do this.
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    Hmm...well, Google's service (assuming they have one) would be free, and if MS charges, its gonna get beat out by neat little apps like Writely, imo.
  • It will be interesting what happens with this, I think that if both companies were to make such a thing that googles would be used more because of the better AJAX support. Similar things are the microsoft’s new web based world mapping system and google maps, I like how google maps works compared to microsofts. But I sill like the general concept of fully web based applications and it will be interesting to see how it is fully implemented, heck now there are already boot configs that you can put on a 128Mb flash drive and with a NIC and supported BIOS boot an OS across the web.
  • BenBen
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    I think Google's will be better than Microsoft's. Take Windows Live for example, it looks a lot like Netvibes, and Netvibes is much better even though they don't have such a huge team working on it.
  • Office Live is just going to be an extension of the MS Office application from what I can tell, a little like .mac and the way it integrates with things like iPhoto. It isn't going to be an online version of MS Office based upon anything I have read, I think MS have just used the word Office in the sense of where you work and not referring to their own software so someone in MS really should be shot for pathetic marketing skills.
  • Windows live is basically yes? I still or whatever it was had a load of better ideas than either of them it just hadnt had enough development to make it work.
  • MS has been talking about making an online office for years.

    Google has only said they're hiring people to make OpenOffice "better."
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    Mark could have some insight, but lack of Mark I have to put on the cowboy hat and get down to howdown. *yeehaw* You can check out the for Windows Live sneak preview, but warning, FF doesn't work well with it. Office Live is going to "provide your company with its own domain name, Web site, and e-mail accounts for free." And it's going to have "business management applications" (a stamp that says 'urgent' methinks) but Microsoft says it's "customer, business and document management tools" and "security-enhanced private website" where you can also "share info with employees, customers, suppliers, and contractors." Quotations are from Microsofts own Office Live site. And Jesus, both Windows Live and Office Live are going to be free with ads, but there will be also subscription option for Office Live.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I don't think it's really a matter anymore of who does it first. Frankly, I'm all for the one who does it right the first time around, or at least closest to right and in working order than several rounds of post-release bugfixes that usually result in breakage and work-arounds while it's public. *cough*windows*cough* anyway, yeah, nothing's perfect, I just hope it's good. :D
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    also, for the whole MS Live stuff for those interested
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