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I Need Help Installing Vanilla 1.1.10

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I'm a big techie. I get requests over the internet for help with technology problems. But now, someone has requested to know how to install vanilla 1.1.10, and I actually don't know. So, can someone please give me step-by-step instructions to installing vanilla 1.1.10 into a free web site. I'd appreciate it, alot. I know my client uses Ismywebsite to host his site. But he and I simply don't have any experience in this field.


  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Hi @Hirakula,

    Before you start, you will need the following information and basic setup in place:

    MySQL Database Information
    Username, Password, Database Name

    Webserver Access
    FTP, SFTP, or some other way to get your files onto the server

    Installing Vanilla is pretty straightforward. There are 4 main steps.

    1) Download the source code from
    2) Upload the Vanilla archive you just downloaded to your web host, then unzip the source code either in the web root itself or in a subfolder such as 'forum'.
    3) Point your browser at the web address of the place where you unzipped Vanilla, and follow the instructions on the screen.
    4) Start enjoying your forum!

    During the installation process, Vanilla might ask you to modify the file permissions for some folders. This is to allow Vanilla to handle file uploads, caching, and saving updated configuration files when you change settings in the administration panel. This can be done graphically with your FTP client, or using SSH and connecting directly to the server.

    Hope this helps you :)

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    Thanks alot, Tim! But I am still confused.

    I do not know how to do Step 2 and 3.
    I have found installation instructions (
    and a readme on my vanilla 1.1.10
    According to the readme, all I have left to do is "Browse to the web-accessable file where vanilla is installed and follow the instructions on-screen".

    What file is that?
  • Probably 'directory' is meant.
  • @Hirakula Sounds like you're completely new at this. I see that you want to host the forum in your own website, but just in case, here's an alternate:

    As for step 2 and 3. Do this:
    2. Extract the zip file ( in your computer. There should be a folder/directory called "vanilla-1.1.10". Rename it into anything you like. Upload the renamed folder/directory into your website.
    3. Go visit to your website, and follow the installation instructions.

    This is my simplified answer to that. I suggest that you either play around with it until you figure out the basic concept or you can just use the other alternative:
  • @Rainulf Thanks! That's much easier to understand! And, yes, I have absolutely no experience in this field.
    I only have a question. With Ismywebsite, there is FTP. Should I use this? Because there is also a cPanel, in which there is Legacy File Manager, and also File Manager. With these, though, I must upload each seperate file inside the vanilla-1.1.10 file.
  • RainulfRainulf New
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    @Hirakula You can use either FTP or the Legacy File Manager. It's much easier with the Legacy File Manager but since you've already followed my steps, we'll go with the FTP.

    With FTP, you usually use an FTP client program to upload files into your website, but we'll just use Windows for ease and to avoid confusion.
    1. click Start, then Run.
    1.5. If you're using Windows 7 or Vista, just click Start and..
    2. Type the following:
    3. Drag the "vanilla-1.1.10" folder or whatever you renamed it to there - just how you would normally copy/paste.

    If you encounter an error or something, reply. =)
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    So FTP is something I download?
  • @Hirakula Nah, you don't need to download anything. =/ FTP is a method of uploading files into your website.
  • Ok. Thanks so much, rainulf, but I think I've done something wrong.
    Here's what I did:

    1) I went to
    2) I pressed "Page", then "View this FTP in Windows Explorer".
    3) I found my Vanilla 1.1.10 file, copied and pasted it into the very first page that had come up when I pressed "View this FTP in Windows Explorer".

    That's essentially it. It took a long time to copy it, and, when I go to, like you said, it says the link is wrong. What did I do wrong?

    I have Windows Vista, by the way.
  • @Hirakula Hmm strange.

    So you went to You should've went to instead! Because that's where you have to put the "vanilla-1.1.10" folder. Since you're using cPanel, I'm assuming you are seeing a folder called "public_html" in either FTP or Legacy File Manager. That's where you put all the files you want the public to access.

    For example, you have a file called "abc.doc".
    For it to be accessible like this ->, you have to put the "abc.doc" file under "public_html". Same idea with the "vanilla-1.1.10" folder.

    If that's the case, then a simple drag and drop will suffice. Make sure you drop it under "public_html" folder.
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    @Rainulf Thanks! It's all running that far. But, on the installation process, I need information on MySQL. How do I find it?
  • you get this from your cpanel at your host. It will tell you all the information about your how to create a database and create a username/password for this. Once you get this done then you will know how to fill in the mysql info.

  • @Becool Thanks. I'll try it.
  • @Hirakula your welcome. please let me know if you got it to work or not :)
  • becool
    You seem to know your way around this stuff.
    I succeeded in getting the forum working on my site, but, I cannot change the directory name from vanilla to forum. I tried doing it before uploading (via ftp) and after. But each time it results in a blank page. Any clues please?
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