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Single Sign On

I downloaded and installed Vanilla 2.0.
No problem.
I installed the Single Sign On.
I enabled it.
Went to settings.
And I got something like
page not found at

HELP!!!! I'm on a deadline and I need this working qucikly


  • edited May 2010
    The settings page link should be in the sidebar. I guess you can do it without editing the config file.

    Read: If you haven't already.
  • Howdy
    I did click on the setting link on the sidebar. There's a config file?
  • lucluc ✭✭
    As the admin part has been renamed from garden to dashboard, edit the plugin where there is /garden/plugin/singlesignon and similar link, to /dashboard/plugin/singlesignon and then that should be OK.
  • I'm also having a problem with SSO; however, I'm trying to integrate it with cakephp and cake's auth component. From what I can tell everything is set up right, the authentication page right up to the cookie aspects. Do you think something is conflicting between the two frameworks?
  • edited June 2010
    There's probably nothing conflicting. What version of Vanilla are you using? RC1?

    I found that RC1 seems to have broke the SSO plugin. Instead of reading that file, it now looks for a cookie on the same domain called "QuickIn". Here's an example of how to set this on CakePHP.
    $Data = array();
    $Data['UniqueID'] = '123';
    $Data['Name'] = 'foo';
    $Data['Email'] = '[email protected]';
    $_COOKIE['QuickIn'] = serialize($Data);
    setcookie('QuickIn', $Data, time()+60*60*24*100, "/");
    That might do the trick.
  • Thanks for your help. That did the trick! I had to alter the class.sessions.php file because some error with a returninguser variable. I hope they fix this in the next release.
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