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Blog trends... yawn

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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Anyone else getting bored of all these blogs having the same kind of content... Here's my latest 3 flickr photos... Here's some thumbnails of my top albums at the moment.... Here's some quickie Web 2.0 links... Here's some CSS redesigns... Boring! I'm planning my own site at the mo, so trying to think of some new ideas for updatable nuggets of points of information, but that are a bit more unusual I guess...


  • - is mine. i write about shit that interests me and so on. not whats trendy. but i dont get a lot of comments. i don't write solely for people to comment on. but for some people to share opinions would be nice. :'(
  • I have a blog, don't have people that comment on it, but I don't really care. I don't write for them, I write for me. I don't post trendy things, just shit like Chris said, things that interest me, or things that happen to me, etc. Thats probably why we don't have comments, we are not "trendy". I hate fads. You are right though, most blogs I come accross are "trendy" posts on what is "popular" at the moment. That Flickr shit, the shit, the Pod casting bullshit, more web 2.0 propaganda, and more CSS fad sites.
  • Yeah I'm most interested in writing stuff down for myself as well, I think. In 5 years time it should make for an interesting collection of stuff!
  • That's all the web is: one fad after another with sheep all doing the latest thing not necessarily because it is useful to them, but rather because everyone else is doing it.
  • Harsh!!!!!
  • Then following that logic, who starts the fads?
  • It's the 80:20 rule I guess... The innovators... or should I say the uber-geeks?
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    I don't mean to be so harsh, but it just gets annoying to hear a term throne around, like "Web 2.0" or some "designer" creating a certain layout, and next thing you know, EVERYONE is doing it.

    What I find most funny about it all is you usually don't see casual web users following any of the fads...the fads are pretty much restricted to only the geek-ocracy. Which makes me think that many of the fads don't actually make sense, they are just done becuase we think they are cool.

    Social bookmarking comes to mind.
  • You must be reading a very small number of blogs. If you visit web designers sites, your going to get CSS redesigns and Web 2.0 links.
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    uber-uber-geeks talk already about Web 2.01 EDIT: OMG 120,000 results under Google for "web 2.01"
  • Maybe I should rename this post to: Webdesign Blog trends... yawn ... Stuart is right, of course they're gonna write about CSS et al! But it all seems very inward looking.
  • 2.01? I'm already on 3.
  • A lot of blogs do cover the same topics but that's probably because they're a very "incestuous" circle. There's a few blogs up the top and then everyone reports on what they're writing and it all goes down the chain from there.

    My blog is just me writing about music I'm listening to right now and anything else that occurs to me. I don't know whether I'll make it public or not. I might just leave it as my personal online diary. Be interesting to read back over the years and see what I've been listening to over the years :)
  • My other blog gripe while I'm at it... is people that just post a link to another article, with maybe a covering sentence of 5 or 6 words.... what the F is the point of that!!!??
  • I vent on mine, Im sure most of you read the post I made about what happened, lol.
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