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I've installed 1.1.10, But it doesn't look like this site!

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Hello everyone,
Today I've installed Vanilla v1.1.10 on my localhost, After the intallation I found that it looks nothing like this one.
Usually the official site uses the script as it is.

So, What version of Vanilla is installed here, and which theme or plugins are being used?



  • Vanilla 2, which is being tested as the first release candidate at the moment, is being used on this site.
  • Thanks,
    When is the official launch of v2.0??
  • There is no official launch date. They are working hard at squashing bugs and testing the software and when they feel it's ready for release they'll release it.

    The release candidate is available for download if you would like to check it out. The link is on the download page.
  • Alright, I've installed V2.0 RC1 today and still not looking exactly like this one here.

    What's missing?
  • This theme is available in the addons, although by the last comments made I don't think it's working at the moment. Here's the link...

  • Thanks, I got it to work.
  • well, and still the downloaded theme doesnt look 100% the same as this forum!
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Hi guys.

    Firstly, VanillaForums.org is running a slightly older version of Vanilla than RC2. We've made some pretty major code changes since this theme was made, and we'd prefer to spend our time fixing bugs right now, rather than trying to integrate this theme with the latest revision of Vanilla every week or so.

    Secondly, we're running a couple of addons, like Gravatar and InThisDiscussion, so that could also account for some of the changes you're seeing.

    I promise there isn't a conspiracy to keep this theme away from you guys ;) Things like this sometimes just get a little out of synch.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter, About.me]

  • hey mate
    no, i mean the buttons like "post" "save draft" "preview" are different
    here we have the button "options" on each own post, but in the downloaded theme instead of the "options" button you have those plain links.
    the sidebar style and header of the first message in the conversation theme differs from what i see here, and what i get from the downloaded theme!
    your theme here is nicer!
  • lukoielukoie New
    edited June 2010
    @Tim also comment editing opens on the "write comment" area in the downloaded theme, not in the nice popup ajax window as it does here
    and of course i also have gravatars and inthediscussion addons
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff

    The theme only modifies what is already in the core. If the core changes, the theme does too, automatically, by necessity. As such, in the latest RC of Vanilla 2, the changes we've made are going to bleed through into the theme.

    The theme is the same, the underlying core is different. You follow?

    As for the edit-in-place... it is a feature that we made that way on purpose. It is not an accidental downgrade or a bug. Its faster, less modal, and less restrictive for the user. What if you click edit, then decide you want to copy something from another comment? With a modal popup window, you cannot.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter, About.me]

  • @Tim i just mentioned it IS differs, indeed
    ok, then the design - sidebar differs: yours here has no borders
    the first message in the conversation has a nice caption with rounded corners
    the buttons in the "write comment" form is well organized, while in the downloaded theme they are messed. i just count what differs here and there.
    so, your theme here is much nicer then the one offered to download. and it is NOT the same. its slightly difefrent. and i'd say yes, its a bit downgraded compared to the one we see here on the forum.
    anyway, i use my own, so its not a problem for me.
    and yes, i like inline editing.
    as for this "The theme only modifies what is already in the core. If the core changes, the theme does too" - you have a BUTTON for editing own comment. the downloaded theme have no button, the "edit" link is just the link.
    and if you add something more, like sink or delete links while you have the button to edit, why not to add those new features in the dropdown menu of the button too, it is just css in the end of the day. but no, in the downloaded theme they are not in the dropdown menu, while here - they are.
    mate, i just want vanilla to be a good forum and to have a good themes
    well, i also want to have a good documentations for theming and localization as well to be able to customize vanilla more easily
    themes are very important, because what all users want to see from the script? a bunch of themes, correct and up-to-date documentation and a solid community.
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff

    My original point is valid and still stands. The underlying code and DOM structure of the Vanilla 2 core has CHANGED since we deployed the vanillaforums.org code, and as such the very same theme applied to our newest code will look different.

    If a thin man and a fat man wear the exact same clothing, will you complain that they do not look exactly the same? The men have different body structures, and the clothing (theme) they are wearing cannot change that.

    We're trying our best to provide a high level of service, and quality, to our business customers while at the same time completing and pushing features for our open source community. There are definitely large gaps in both of those areas, and closing them takes time.

    If this reality is not acceptable to you, I strongly encourage you to investigate alternative forum solutions that may already meet your standards.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter, About.me]

  • @Tim, you're pushing me away from here for standing that the theme really differs in terms of _design_?
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Not at all.

    I've just reiterated my explanation for why there is a difference, and why we're not super concerned with it right now. You've continued to argue that it is an issue, and I simply pointed out that if you feel that strongly about something that isn't our focus, you might be expecting too much from us at this stage in our product's lifecycle.

    You're pushing very hard for X, and we're working on Y. No amount of pushing is going to change that unfortunately :/

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter, About.me]

  • lukoielukoie New
    edited June 2010
    mate, i'm not pushing, and i already said that i'm using my own theme, so i dont need this one.

    you've just mentioned that the theme is the same here and in the download area
    but in terms of DESIGN there IS difference
    yes, they are tiny little slightly noticeble, but they are exist.
    and its not something regarding fuctionality, its the designs, css and gfx differences
    yes, little, but its shows that the theme files are not the same!

    i do realize that vanilla is in very alpha/beta stage, but when @LifeLan mentioned that the theme is not 100% the same, he is right, it is NOT. but @Tim, you're insisting it is very the same, which is wrong.
    i made many themes for wordpress and joomla sites, and yes, i can tell if its the same or not.
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Hi @lukoie

    Vanilla as a product ships with a default standard look and feel. This is achieved using a combination of VIEWS (php template files), CSS, and IMAGES. Together, these files produce a full HTML document. Themes allow you to override or simply modify any aspects of that look and feel. Some themes will override everything, others will simply change a couple of colors here and there. The VanillaForumsOrg theme customizes the default template file (NOT any of the actual views), and a lot of the CSS and IMAGES.

    As I mentioned before, VanillaForums.org is running an *old* version of Vanilla. This old version has different view files and so the underlying HTML is *different* to the latest code because we have changed it in the core over time. The newest vanilla code has made MANY CHANGES to the underlying structure of the HTML.

    As such, while I still assert that the THEME IS THE SAME, the final output obviously looks different between the two versions. Why? Because the final output is not only controlled by the theme alone, but by all the layers. The theme is just the last layer.

    If you put a piece of cloth down on smooth ground, the cloth will appear smooth. If you put the exact same piece of cloth down on rocky ground, it will appear to be bumpy. Has the cloth changed? No, it is the same cloth. The layer UNDERNEATH the cloth has changed, and those changed have presented themselves by deforming the final shape of the cloth.

    This discussion is over.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter, About.me]

  • you tell me that this difference is because of the VIEW, not the images and css?:
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