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Update to RC2 from Bonk'd site

edited June 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
My site bonk'd because of a change on the host machine which I don't yet completely understand. After backing up all files and the DB I reinstalled Vanilla 2 RC2 from scratch; recreating the tables in the DB from the Vanilla 2 installer script.

Can I simply repopulate the DB tables with user and discussion content from my previous install or are there significant differences in the RC2 DB structure? Any insight will help.


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    Why not try it and then tell us what happens?
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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    There are some very minor DB changes, mostly additions. You should be able to make this work.

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    I was able to dump nearly all the data from the previous database into the new one with one major exception. There are some changes to the GDN_Comment and GDN_Discussion tables. Previously the GDN_Discussion table referenced the GDN_Comment table for the body and format of the first post. Now this data is stored right in GDN_Discussion.

    Here is the new GDN_Discussion table:
    `FirstCommentID` <-- Removed in current DB structure
    `Body` <-- Added to current DB structure
    `Format` <-- Added to current DB structure
    `LastCommentUserID` <-- Added to current DB structure
    `Score` <-- Added to current DB structure but not causing any update problems.

    Looks like I should be able to pull the Body and Format data from the old GDN_Comment table and drop it into the new GDN_Discussion table. My PHP/MySQL is really rusty so it will take me some time. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I look forward to using the export tools for backup purposes. :):) Bonked? install fresh v2 and import.
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    install fresh v2 and import

    @bobtheman, that's what I'm trying to do. The DB structure changed and I got an error when importing. Hence this thread.

    I'm managing my DB with PHPMySQL. Works great for backups. Works great for restoring so long as the DB structure doesn't change ;)
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    @lukoie looks cool. I'm on OS X checking out Sequel Pro now:
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    I blew away my Vanilla install altogether and restored the previous version from backup. Then I followed the RC2 upgrade instructions that @Mark posted. I was able to get to the dashboard/utility/structure page, entered my information, then hit the button (had to manually delete User 1 from the DB because I got an error when the script tried to create that user). Everything worked except that ALL discussions are gone. Users and Activity appear to be unaffected.

    Any insight into what might be happening? As I stated above, the RC DB Discussion and Conversation structure is different than previous versions. I would expect the setup/install script to make the proper updates to the DB.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    First go to the db and make sure that the comments & discussions are present in your tables.

    Next I'd check your role permissions to be sure that they have access to view & post to those categories.
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    Thanks @Mark. I managed to get it rolling, after restoring fresh from backup then running the upgrade. One minor issue with invites that I'll post in a separate thread.
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