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Parse error in English.php after any changes

edited November 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help

I've made it so all new members are automatically granded membership status when signing up, so I'm trying to change the text on the sign in and sign up pages so they don't talk about membership approval.

I found the English.php file that looks to be what I need to change. However, if I make any changes to that file, I get a "Parse error: parse error in /home/apowell/ on line 722".

This is happening no matter how small or large the change and the line number appears to be more or less random.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It's hard to tell you what's wrong if we can't actually see the file. Perhaps you could copy and rename it English.txt so we can see it?

    If you are using quotes, be sure to escape them. I think that's been the most common mistake with the language file.


    $Dictionary["something"] = "She was like "what?" and I was like "Totally!"";

    $Dictionary["something"] = "She was like \"what?\" and I was like \"Totally!\"";
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    edited November 2005

    You know what? (And this makes me feel pretty dumb.) I figured out what was going on. The file's 57k. So I was hitting "refresh" on my browser before it had finished uploading after saving the changes. I'm used to files uploading nearly instantly and this one's just taking longer. So there was a parse error because the file wasn't complete.

    Sigh. So it works. Thanks for the help. (And thanks for this amazing forum software.)

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    lechlech Chicagoland
    Warning! Error Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. :D glad you fix it :D
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