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Localizations plugin

lukoielukoie New
edited June 2010 in Localization
I bet someone can handle to to what my gonna to propose
the plugin, when you install it, t creates "languages" link in the adminpage "appearance" sidebar.
the page there generated dynamically, getting info on some site(doesnt matter for now where it'll be stored), showing available languages for the corresponding vanilla version
lets say a < ul > list with the flags, language name, short info and download link
when you click "download", it downloads the language in plugin's folder, back's up current localization file, and makes this localization active
i think it would be really easy way to manage languages for end-users

in the future releases updates and version checks can be implemented
guys, can anyone try to do that kind of plugin?
@oliverraduner ?


  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    This is an extremely complex request, though an integrated plugin/addon/theme/application repository is something we've talked about frequently. While I won't discourage you from attempting to develop something like this, it might be prudent to wait until we've had a chance to solidify the localization system in Garden.

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  • lukoielukoie New
    edited June 2010
    via gettext?

    cool, then we'll wait for your internal autoupdating and plugin management solution.
  • lukoielukoie New
    edited June 2010
    why do you think its extremely complex request?
    adding menu and plugin "options page" is not something extremely complex, right?
    then you just need to read the file over the net, and show it in the "options page", which is not hard as well (even iframe, like WP does it)
    then you need to download the file in the server folder, which you can do as well without struggles
    then copying files on the server, which can be done by php easily

    do you want me to ask my company programmer how fast he can write such a script in php?
  • oliverraduneroliverraduner Contributing to Vanilla since 2010 Switzerland ✭✭
    @lukoie That's a good proposal and nicely described.
    But from my side I want to wait until the localization structure and functionality is properly realized in a major Release of vanilla.
  • lukoielukoie New
    edited June 2010
    do you think it will be significally changed in the release, compared to release candidate?
    ok then, would be nice it you could develope this plugin
  • oliverraduneroliverraduner Contributing to Vanilla since 2010 Switzerland ✭✭
    @lukoie I think there will be a "big" change - because I feel at the moment that all the language-folders (f.eg. /locale/en-CA/) are there but useless. The only file which is "active" seems to be /config/locale.php

    So unless this situation is not cleaned up, I think it makes no sense spending a lot of efforts on a Plugin or such.
  • cool. i understand your point, thanx
  • i've put a stings for "quote selection" plugin in my locale.php
    $Definition['Quote'] = 'quotation';
    $Definition['%s said'] = '%s wrote:';
    but nothing happened.
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