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2 things that would be nice

edited June 2010 in Feedback
I would like to see a post count mod showing the amount of posts you have. Also a button that 'can mark all forums read' like vbulletin has you click it and it shows as no new posts this would be good mabey in RC3 or 4 or even as a add on. It justs anoying when you go away and you come back to a million new threads/posts


  • lukoielukoie New
    edited June 2010
    yeah, it wold be cool
    1 the counter on the "discussions" tab in user's profile would be useful
    2 in user's profile, maybe as the sidebar link, or under the list of conversations, just above the pages counter
  • Post count plugin for the profile page would be nice :)

    I personally don't see the problem with discussions that you have not read being marked as unread. I know how other forums do it, but perhaps this is better?

    Having said that, I would find an indication of "New since last visit" that is different to the unread marker pretty damn useful :)
  • @[-Stash-] Yeh i agree with your last point :D
    @lukoie i suppose after thinking about it that you would have to redo the postbit to make posts (amount here) look good
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