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problem authenticating your post information - Error new install

edited July 2010 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I downloaded a fresh Vanilla 1.1.10 today and ftp'd to hosted space. after the initial DB set up and admin passwd etc. The forum appears fine but when I try to enable an extension, it gives "problem authenticating your post information" error.

browsed through some older threads to see if those solution help. Have tried reloading js, ajax and themes folder but that didn;t solve the problem.

I followed check mentioned in :

The first one where we check the code of the extension enable check box. This code did contain the random number string so that looked ok

The second point of checking the js code for switchExtension function didn't really match word by word, but I guess that could be because of a newer version I installed versus the older version code that is mentioned int he thread. So I assume this was ok as well.

The problem appeared in the third point : Check /ajax/switchextension.php Here the browser throws the error "problem authenticating your post information". Instead of showing the code like shown in the thread. Appreciate any help/pointers on How to solve this ?

Thanks in advance for your time and patience.


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    shortening the description :

    when i access "/ajax/switchextension.php" of Vanilla install, browser shows "problem authenticating your post information" error.

    This is a fresh install, how to correct this. I cant post any discussions, enable extensions, all these give the same error.

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    I tried installing the oldest version available that is 1.1.5a but the same error comes there also. Appreciate any help.
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    any help appreciated!
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    MattCMattC New
    edited July 2010
    I'm having a similar issue.

    I've just transferred to a new host.

    I can install the forum, log in, see everything, but when I try to do anything (make a post, comment, check for updates, log out, etc) I get the error: "problem authenticating your post information"

    I am not sure what I need to change regarding this new host, I've installed Vanilla on other hosts in the past with no problems.

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    iPage fixed it:

    I reviewed the site issue and believe to have found what was causing the issue. I set the 'session.save_path' in your php.ini file to a directory in the account (/cgi-bin/tmp). Now when I attempt to log in it appears to be functioning properly. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with this specific application so you will want to check to ensure this is the case from your end as well.
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    Hi MattC, Thanks for your response. I'm hosting with Yahoo! they said they cannot provide access to php.ini OR modify it themselves.

    Surprisingly I have an older forum running Vanilla 1.1.5a which is functioning fine, also hosted with Yahoo!. In the newer forum that I'm trying to open I had tried installing Vanila 1.1.5a (as i knew I have an older forum running fine with this version), but surprisingly I get the authenticating error in the newer forum. older forum runs fine.

    wondering what else i can try here. Y! is suggesting me to move to phpBB, i dont want to as i'm comfortable configuring Vanilla and want to avoid going through another learning curve with phpBB setup etc.

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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Have you tried Vanilla 2?

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

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    yes. That was the first thing i tried. Got the authentication error, so tried older versions one by one. all getting same error. I was hoping Vanilla 1.1.5a would work fine, since I have an older forum running fine with Vanilla 1.1.5a also hosted on Y!. But surprisingly it also gave same error!
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    Unable to resolve this issue I'v decided to spend some time on phpBB another open source forum software and get it working.

    This is what Yahoo is suggesting as well!
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