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[Vanilla 2] How to make translation work : my solution !

ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
edited July 2010 in Localization
In trying to make a french translation of Vanilla/Garden (still in work, but I will share it when it's done), and after having found help on this forum, I've made my own solution that is below :

1. Download and install Undefined Translation Collector

2. Enable it in the Plugins section of the Dashboard

3. Browse a maximum of pages in the conversations, discussions, and Dashboard

4. Go to the folder "plugins/TranslationCollector" and copy/paste the ApplicationName.php files into /applications/ApplicationName/locale/fr-FR/ and rename each file definitions.php

Don't forget to change "/fr-FR/" to your language like "/lang-COUNTRY/"

5. Translate each file

6. Add this lines in conf/config.php :

$Configuration['Garden']['Locale'] = 'fr-FR';

7. Delete library_mappings.php in /cache/ directory

8. Reload your community / forum and it's working fine !!!!

Sorry for this long explanation, but I think that is detailed enough ;-)

I hope this would help someone ;-)



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    That's interesting. I was wondering why the separate locale folders do not work for translations yet.
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    SS ✭✭
    edited July 2010
    Item 7. Dont do this!
    Just delete your library_mappings.php in your /cache/ directory.
    Garden will rescan your folder structure and add all locale files for all applications and plugins.
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    edited July 2010
    Awesome. I've managed to translate Vanilla 2 into Norwegian in half a day thanks to this post.

    Only a couple of things didn't get picked up by the Undefined Translation Collector:
    - The "Sign In →" button in the popup box (probably caused by the arrow sign which is hard coded)
    - Same with Search results text like "↳ No results for..."
    - A lot of secondary stuff on the Recent Activity page (the lines in grey)
    - The "Options" left panel header on the user profile page
    - And checkboxes in the Signature options popup on the same page

    Anyone know why, and how I can add translations for these?

    Another thing: in Norwegian, Search = Søk, which I encode to Søk. It works on text, buttons, etc, but not in the search field, where it shows up character for character: "Søk". Any ideas for what I can do to make the search form accept HTML character entities?
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    ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
    edited July 2010
    Thanks to S (the creator of Undefined Translation Collector) : it has been changed ;-)

    @fredrikstai : I've too some problems like digits in "Enabled" / "Disabled" tabs, if you have some solution… It could be cool

    Don't use ISO, use UTF-8 : it is better (and in French it prevent from having to code each accent, I think in Norwegian too like the "crossed o").
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    ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
    edited July 2010
    In order to translate recaptcha, add this line at the line 2 (just after "<?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit(); ?>") of /applications/dashboard/views/entry/registercaptcha.php :
    <script type= "text/javascript">var RecaptchaOptions = {
    lang : 'fr'
    </script>N.B. : replace 'fr' by you lang code (see http://www.google.com/recaptcha/apidocs/captcha/client)
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    thnx for sharing usefull info ++
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    phreakphreak Vanilla*APP (White Label) & Vanilla*Skins Shop MVP
    Thanx to Arachnos for this information, but i hope we get a steady "used terms list" as soon as possible.
    • VanillaAPP | iOS & Android App for Vanilla - White label app for Vanilla Forums OS
    • VanillaSkins | Plugins, Themes, Graphics and Custom Development for Vanilla
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    ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
    work in progress, I think it will be available at the end of this week (before going on holiday ;-)
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    Cool merci ;)
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    "Sorry for this long explanation, but I think that is detailed enough ;-)"

    Feel free to make it even longer! :)
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    ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
    edited August 2010
    @fredrikstai : When you need to translate some special characters like "→"", search the source code for the equivalent in ISO-8859-1, and you can find "→" for "→" or copy the arrow if it is in UTF-8.

    I don't know what's the ISO code for "↳"

    If someone found the solution to translate counter digits in the Dashboard or in front office like "Enabled [digit]", share the solution with the community ;-)
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    ArachnosArachnos La Garenne Colombes
    The French translation is delayed for the moment. I prefer to focus my work on the major part of the website I'm working on, before work again on the forum.
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