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Comment Protection

MarkMark Vanilla Staff
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Comment Protection


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    I've got a problem when running this extension: the names of the MySQL tables are hardcoded into LUM_CommentBlock and LUM_UserBlock, so if during the setup of the Vanilla another table prefix was defined, it results into an error. I'll try to fix it myself, anywhere to report the fixes? May be just here? PS: surprised -though happy- nobody got the same problem ;)
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    well the solution i've worked out before, if anyone ever needs it:

    just replace LUM_ in the default.php of the extension for ".$Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX']."
    (note that the quotation is required)
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    You can ignore the quotes and just use:
    Every extension should use this really. Extension authors should be aware that the table prefixes are not fixed.
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    You don't respect translators and use poor coding. Every time i want to correct YOURS CODE!!! Because translation for my language dont't works if in default.php used $Context->Dictionary.

    PLEASE! Use $Context->SetDefinition instead $Context->Dictionary and be hero.

    Заебали пиндосы! Полсотни аддонов уже пришлось перелопатить из-за этой херни!!!

    Why you use $Context->GetDefinition if you don't set any definition ? ;)
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    Schizo: Mark is actually the author of Vanilla itself. I'm sure he knows the proper way to set definitions.

    However, you should be aware of the fact that $Context->GetDefinition existed long before $Context->SetDefinition ever did. Many extensions were written before the better method of setting definitions existed.

    I do agree that there is no reason to use anything other than SetDefinition. Sadly, many extension authors of these old extensions aren't around to update their extensions.
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    WallPhone, thanks or you right code :) But i tired to edit more than 30 fuc*ng add-ons because it's authors don't use SetDefinition in default.php It's really no respect to translators.

    If author of Vanilla promote this stream (direct set via dict array) what wait from other develpers? It's very poor sample. I as Vanilla user and translator consider that with it is necessary to struggle.

    Make Vanilla better!
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    Hey guys, I'm a relatively new forum admin on a vanilla forum. Unsurprisingly, we've had a little conflict on our forum and one of the users in question has asked if there is way to make it so all of the comments from another user just don't appear for her. I didn't read carefully enough before having this extension installed to realize that it won't block the entire comment. Would it be difficult to adapt this extension to do so? If not, is there another extension that I may have missed?

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    For some reason the "block user" and "block comment" links appear butt up against each other to the right of each comment (next to "edit" and "delete") so they read:

    edit delete blockuserblockcommet

    How can I separate the last 2 items so they are formatted like the first 2?
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