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Extended Text Formatter

This discussion is related to the Extended Text Formatter addon.
ithcyithcy New
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Extended Text Formatter


  • what is the basic text formatter? I couldn't find any documentation on it.
  • The basic text formatter is the formatter by default, the vanilla one
  • Yes that's what I thought, but what functions are available? i.e., what tags have been implemented in the basic one?
  • ah ok...explains why there has been no mention of it.
  • Itchy can u update your extension and add a small feature request. For the links u generate, can u add a class called "userlink". I'm making an extension that parses links submitted by users, but i have no way of knowing which ones out of the million links on vanilla were actually posted by community members. adding a class to them, i can look for that specific class Btw is Itchy even reading this. Anyone knows itchy, can u mention it to him Thanks MySchizoBuddy
  • You don't need that. Links form user are all in '#ContentBody .CommentBody'. With jQuery, you can get them with $("#ContentBody .CommentBody a") (don't bother asking me the raw javascript equivalent lol)
  • that will work plus my extension is in jQuery so thanks :)
  • Hi. Does anyone have any idea why the link activation of this extension stopped working after I installed the Attachments 2.1 and inline images. Is there a conflict that anyone knows of as it worked fine befre then.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Well, first of all I'd try to identify which of those two extensions conflict with this one. Try enabling only one of them and then enabling only the other. It could be one or the other, or it could be both. Then let us know and we'll get in touch with the extension author to see if we can come up with a fix.
  • It could be Inline image, they might use the same delegation.
    Both get the messages, before saving them in the DB or before them being displayed, and change some part into links.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Well, whoever wrote it might not know about how you can run a comment through multiple formatters before saving.
  • So who is fixing it Jazzman or itchy?
  • Nevermind, if there is something wrong it is with the attachement or inline image extensions.
    Extended Text Formatter doesn't do anything strange, it is just a formatter (and doesn't use delegation).
  • @Keith just tried it and works for me have attachment and inline images installed works fine
  • My attachments upload has stopped working now. I must be going crazy. I'm having to format links by hand and attachments are no longer uploading. Both worked a couple of days ago now neither of them work. I've already disabled and re-enabled the extended text formatter. I'll turn off inline images now and try to see if text formatter starts working again.
  • will this *only* work with the text formatter? i've set up my install so that the selector is hidden, and everything gets parsed as textile. can these two co-exist? it seems like they should, but in trying it out, it doesn't seem to be the case.
  • This will co-exist with any formatter, however, you can only have one formatter active on a comment at a time AFAIK. If you're using textile, you're not using this or HtmlFormatter
  • I also installed Base after the text formatter. `might this be causing the problem? I've removed attachments and inline images and it still doesn't work.
  • It seems that html formatter was preventing the extended text formatter. When I turned off html formatter that links began to be active again.

    What does html formatter do as there seems to be a lot of confusion between these two extensions and obviously some error generation I guess?
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