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Spell Checker

This discussion is related to the Spell Checker addon.
ithcyithcy New
edited July 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Spell Checker


  • default.php needs changed to "Spell Checker" instead of "SpellChecker".
  • isnt it MUCH easier (and better) to just use Firefox and its spell checker? Auto, instant spell check on every form you ever write.
  • That's what I use. However, when your "constituents" view through AOL, IE 6 or Safari... they don't have that luxury. So, a spell checker would be useful.
  • AOL? As browser? ehh why?

    IE 6? The more reason we as web developers give for the public to switch to a standard compliant browser (or IE 7 at the very least) the better. Its a daily pain for me to hack webpage designs to work in IE 6.

    Safari.. well I have seen issues with that browsers as well. behaving odd indeed. and if you are already in the non-explorer world. Why not go all the way and use firefox? (No I dont work for mozilla, but my idea of utopia these days is a world where every user in the world uses it (or at least a browser that shows web in the same way).

    I love creating webpages, but complying to other browsers is just painful enough that I might start doing something else.
  • watch this on browsers :)
  • thank you.
  • If you use Opera on Windows or Linux, you have to install the spell checker separately (automagic on Mac), so there's a few more people who might not have a spell checker themselves. Anyway, IE7 doesn't have built-in spell checking either (does it?).
  • only count on explorer to have built-in bugs and outdated "standards".
  • when i wrote this, firefox did not yet have a built-in spell checker.

    also, what guy said about other browsers.
  • I have a suggested change to line 28 in default.php of SpellChecker. It should be changed to read like this.
    if ((in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("comments.php", "post.php"))) && (!$Context->Session->User->Preference('VisualEditing')))
    What this will do is disable the spell checker for any users who have fckeditor enabled. Since this extension doesn't work with fckeditor, it should not appear for users who are using the wysiwyg. However, this change will allow users who choose not to use fckeditor, even if the forum has it available, to take advantage of the spell checker extension if it is installed.
  • ok. look no further. THIS is the ultimate spellchecker. For vanilla and everything else.
  • Has anyone had trouble opening this .rar file? Everytime I try and extract it I get an error.
  • Currently running vanilla 1.1.2 and recently switched to a new server - it was working fine on the old one. Now when I check spelling - it say "no spelling errors found" when there obviously are errors. Any ideas?
  • I using the "tabled" theme - does this extension not work with that?
  • That's what I use. However, when your "constituents" view through AOL, IE 6 or Safari... they don't have that luxury. So, a spell checker would be useful.

    Safari has spellcheck, just like Firefox. Underlines words in red and everything.
  • Uploaded version 1.2 of Spell Checker.
  • yeah, that took a while. should work with vanilla 1.1.2 now. also corrected the name so that update manager finds it.
  • Uploaded version 1.2 of Spell Checker.
  • shut up, robot
  • I am having the same problems as jross. It tells me that there are no errors when I purposely miss typed things to test it. Any help would be appreciated.
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