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Delete User

Delete User


  • The default.php has the wrong version for 0.1.1, it still says 0.1.
  • Uploaded version 0.1.1 of Delete User.
  • This extension simply doesn't work - on users with or without discussions/comments.
  • The extension didn't work for me, either.
  • hi all! vanilla 1.1.2 has an additional security check to allow only the deletion of users with role "applicant". just comment out line 616: $s->AddWhere('u', 'RoleID', '', 0, '='); in the library People.Class.UserManager.php regards, J
  • Still not working...
  • hi this extension doesn`t work for me. Is there a manual way to delete users?
  • Yes, use the "Search" tab at the top of this (and every) page and put "delete user" in it - then hit "Search".

    The results from doing that simple search yielded this most helpful thread:
    want to be able to delete users # 34
  • thxs, I wrote this comment before I found this community thing. Did it out of the Add On website. Sorry for postign before searching.
  • Sorry for being ratty, I shouldn't have been. You make a good point about not necessarily knowing about the forums from the add-ons site though...
  • vanilla 1.1.2 has an additional security check to allow only the deletion of users with role "applicant". just comment out line 616: $s->AddWhere('u', 'RoleID', '', 0, '='); This was actually on line 624 for me. Also it's worth noting that the comment above the line "Adding in this little check to make sure that only applicants can be removed." belies exactly how naive this check is - just prior to this, everything else related to the user has already been deleted, meaning that all this does is protect the user record from deletion, but by this point all the comments, etc. that user has created are long gone. The check shouldn't even be in there, at least certainly not with this "implementation". This kind of scares me - how many other places in Vanilla have stuff like this? I also changed header("Location: account.php"); to header("Location: search.php"); in the DeleteUserById() function of DeleteUser/default.php since redirecting to a page that looks exactly like the previous one but is my admin account is a bad idea - what if I forgot I already deleted the other account and clicked "Delete User" again accidentally? Suddenly my admin account and all it's posts would be nuked! I strongly recommend making this change... Anyway, with these notes, the extension is working perfectly. Now I can delete all those junk accounts created by bots!
  • With vanilla 1.15a I am seeing something weird. I tried creating a dummy user with user ID 68. I then ran the SQL query DELETE FROM van_user WHERE UserID='68' Instead I found user ID 67 deleted and the name assigned to userID 68 became userID 67 in the memberlist In the SQL table I see a userID 69 but this does not exist in the member list Weird! Btw even with the changes suggested above the Delete add-on does not work for me.
  • Hallo! Just started using Vanilla. Had set up a few test users, wanted to get rid of them, 'Delete User' wasn't working. Followed advice to comment out $s-> etc (and change default.php - thanks blueapples - yes, it was confusing and dangerous!).
    Now I can delete 'users' that hadn't posted, but one 'user' who had posted can't be deleted, even though the relevant test threads and posts have been deleted!
    Any ideas? Have little experience with php and mysql, though confident enough to edit config files if given suitable pointers! Had hoped using an off-the-shelf program would mean I didn't have to tinker under the bonnet/hood!
  • Use MySQL Admin at your web server to delete users. Doesn't mess w/ your table functions.
  • Thanks for this information - commenting out the line with

    $s->AddWhere('u', 'RoleID', '', 0, '=');

    did the trick (it was a higher line number for me as well)
  • sounds like i should stay away from this plug in but would love to be able to delete users
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