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Better BB Code

This discussion is related to the Better BB Code addon.
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Better BB Code


  • In default.php Extension Name: Better BB Code

    On this site Better BBCode Extension

    Can we get this updated please? Any chance of getting the ReadMe.txt put in the extension directory as well? Shooting myself in the foot here...
  • Please can we get the name of this sorted - it's bugging the hell out of me showing up on my list every time I check for updates (I do this quite a lot as I'm running a few dev forums and some live ones!).

    Give me permission to and I'll do it! Hehe :P
  • do it and send it to mark
  • To be honest, the only thing that needs doing is changing the name on the add-ons site - and that I can't change I'm afraid. Nothing in the extension needs changing.
  • Consider it done.
  • Hi!

    I've changed some parts of the BBCodeParser.php for our own forum to fix some problems with lists and to be able to parse upper case BBCode. Maybe you want to add some of my changes...

    Here is the diff:

    231d230 < 248,251c247,250 < $pattern = array( "!".$oe."\*".$ce."(.*)!i", < "!".$oe."list".$ce."(.+)".$oe."/list".$ce."!isU"); < $replace = array( $o."li".$c."\\1".$o."/li".$c, < $o."ulist".$c."\\1".$o."/ulist".$c); --- > $pattern = array( "!".$oe."\*".$ce."([^".$oe."]*)!i" ); > //"!".$oe."list".$ce."(.+)".$oe."/list".$ce."!isU"); > $replace = array( $o."li".$c."\\1".$o."/li".$c); > //$o."ulist".$c."\\1".$o."/ulist".$c); 363c362 < $tag['tag'] = substr($str, 2, strlen($str) - 3); --- > $tag['tag'] = strtolower( substr($str, 2, strlen($str) - 3) ); 384c383 < $tag['tag'] = $tagArray[1]; --- > $tag['tag'] = strtolower( $tagArray[1] ); 393,394c392,393 < if ( (in_array($attribute[1], array_keys($this->_definedTags[$tag['tag']]['attributes'])) == true) ) { < $tag['attributes'][$attribute[1]] = $attribute[2]; --- > if ( (in_array(strtolower($attribute[1]), array_keys($this->_definedTags[$tag['tag']]['attributes'])) == true) ) { > $tag['attributes'][strtolower($attribute[1])] = $attribute[2];
  • In all fairness, the version of the BBCodeParser that BetterBBCode uses is very old and has several security issues with it. Considering that Bergamot doesn't seem to be around for a while and doesn't seem particularly interested in developing this extension any further, I'd suggest you use my BBCodeParser extension instead. It's based on a more up-to-date version of the parser and supports many more BBCode tags. Also, while I'm currently having a bit of a quiet time with my extensions (new baby, new job, etc) I am actively developing it still and very glad to take on any extra help I can get with it!
  • Good Addon! Would it be possible to parse mp3 files?
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