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    You can use the BBCodeParser with this extension as well. Also, there's a bunch of changes and improvements to this extension as it looks like it's been abandoned...

    Would be good to get this improved...

    Edit 2007-05-10_15-41: I've hacked together a bunch of the changes mentioned above into an unofficial 0.1.9 - this *still* doesn't fix the JS/IE issues, but it does make it a whole hell of a lot lighter on your pages.
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    you might remember helping me out by adding a youtube button to the bbinsertbar.

    the only problem is,

    1. it doesn't work when switched over to html. the code seems to generate <youtube></youtube> tags, when (i think) it needs to generate <video type="youtube">video id</video> (i will try test this out)

    2. i would quite like to add support for google video. apparently the HTML code for this is <video type="google">docid</video> ...i assume it wouldn't be hard to add that, and the BBCode equivalent.

    3. finally... how about a button that generates a link to an MP3 file? this would work wonderfully with dplayer.

    i have just tried FCKeditor, but it really is too heavy and fancy. i like the simplicity of BBInsertBar, and safari users seem to have reasonably good luck with it.
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    So how does one go about adding a youtube button the bbinsertbar?
    Edit: As mentioned, grabbing the un-official above takes care of this, now I just have to figure out how to add others such as Google, MetaCafe, etc.
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    So if anyone's interested I've basically completely rewritten the JS in this plugin to get it working in IE. I haven't *fully* tested it, but so far it's working in IE6, FF, Safari, Opera.
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    Will it work with the un-official 0.1.9?
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    Yes, I built it using 0.1.9.

    I'm going to work on it some more today. I've got most of the JS set, but I also want to re-format the markup it uses. Basically, none if it is unobtrusive, and there's a lot of overhead on it. My goal is to make it as lean as possible.

    I'll keep you updated.
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    *phew*, that took a bit longer than I thought. Ok, let's call this unofficial version 0.2, shall we?

    BBInsertBar v0.2

    New Thangs:
    • Completely re-written Javascript functions
    • Works in both BBEdit/HTML mode
    • Confirmed working in:
      • Firefox 2.x
      • Camino 1.5
      • Safari 2.x
      • Internet Explorer 6
      • Internet Explorer 7
    • Now prompt-free! Replaced the annoying prompt popups with a much easier-on-the-eyes overlay
    • Image button now shows you a live preview of your image before you post.
    Things yet to do:
    • I'd like to clean up the HTML further, but I didn't have enough time...
    • The color bar formats weirdly in both IE's. It's still usable, but doesn't look as nice as FF/Safari.
    • I didn't test this with smilies on. Can someone double-check?
    • YouTube option still a no go. I'll take a closer look if there's enough need for it.
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    Hmm I still can't seem to get it to work in IE, when you click on the buttons in menu it just takes you to top of page and does nothing. Using BBCodeParser 1.0.2 with this. And it's damn brocken in Opera too:

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    Okay, 0.1.9 Works with IE if user ticks BBcode button. Anyone know how to remove text and bbcode options and just set it to BBcode by default? Thanks :)!
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    For the video stuff - now that JQMedia is here, we should ditch it from the insert bars IMO ;) Or perhaps even just have the video button popup a message saying "Just paste the link in and the video will be inserted as if by magic" or something equally silly ;)
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    It would be cool if there was a feature to change font size - at least 4 levels or so. Guess fixing JS in IE comes first huh?
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    Okay, 0.1.9 Works with IE if user ticks BBcode button. Anyone know how to remove text and bbcode options and just set it to BBcode by default? Thanks :)!

    Um, well yes the very definition of text mode is that BBCode is disabled :P.

    The buttons should be hidden when in text mode.

    And... I don't think I'll support Opera. It's too niche.
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    <pimp>Just use JQuery for the JS and then pretty much all browsers are supported ;)</pimp>
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    No thanks, I'd rather not depend on yet another bloated library. But that's personal opinion, I'm sure.
    Plus, the Opera bug looks like CSS, not JS.
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    Not come across an opera CSS bug for a while - there's probably a better way of doing it that works for all.
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    Well you've goated me into it. I just tried it on Opera 9.21, and it renders and works fine.
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    ;) Nice work. I shall try and take a look at this a little later...
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    stash (or someone else); can you explain in plain english how we could add support for all media using either BBInsertBar or BBInsertBar with JQMedia? being able to add media from many sites, and add mp3s with Dplayer, would be incredibly cool.
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    just tried BBInsertBar v0.2 with firefox and nothing happened when clicking any of the buttons. reverted back to 0.19.
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    Yeah the v0.2 fork is broken I think.
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