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Vanilla "Dirt"

This discussion is related to the Vanilla "Dirt" addon.
lechlech Chicagoland
edited May 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Vanilla "Dirt"


  • Can you guys update this style ?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I suppose I need to remake this from scratch again now, don't I? >:)
  • You know it! Citizens demand dirt!
  • If it helps your motivation at all, I'll say that the single largest pain point, PERIOD, with the upgrade of my (then 500-member) community from 0.9.x to 1.X was:
    "What happened to those awesome Vanilla Dirt and Vanilla Sky styles?!?!?"
    Hundreds of people were using them, and loved them. :-)

    Some people have tried to recreate similar ones (black/dark background, etc), but nothing beat those two from back in the day.

    If that helps motivate, then good! :-)

  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Hah, yeah I will keep that all in mind and it's a good motivator since I made this I've gotten dozens of reminders and requests and have been a bit too busy to work on things. And while good I think the overall style is, it has become a bit "dated" now so I'll probably put a new twist on the layout and keep the old color theme as best I can.

    I'll also see how easy I can make it for everyone to add their own color accents, since I recall a few people asking for blue and green highlights instead of the familiar crimson.
  • Not a bad idea, add a sort of editable extension config to change css colors of a few aspects.

    A Style/Theme + Extension.

    Edit: lol not but 5 seconds after I typed this I saw the Drupal 5 post with a link to just what I was thinking about.
  • This should be in the next Vanilla update, though i don't know if Mark has placed it in the SVN...
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Krak, I could make it less painful and just use a few import rules to several style sheets instead of doing it via extension which would create overhead. A simple colors.css file with proper import rule where changing a few hex colors should do the trick if I can define it all nicely :)
  • Can you please modify to work with 1.15a?
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