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    how do i make this so that it is available on additional pages i make? like with the page mangaer
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    Uploaded version 1.3 of GuestSignIn.
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    You would have to edit the second half of the if line, the part that looks like array('account.php', 'categories.php', 'extension.php', ... I believe all the page manager pages would use this after you add extension.php to that list of pages.

    This update doesn't do that, (I'm going to leave it out on purpose, since it could break some other extension) instead this version fixes the XHTML validation issues that (wraith) pointed out in January.
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    i don't think it is going to work

    i tried that after i asked you and it did not work
    I also added another thing to it neither which helped

    if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("account.php", "categories.php", "comments.php", "index.php", "search.php", "extension.php", "?Page=apply"))

    unless i messed up with spelling, then i did the same thing

    i will check out yours though

    so if this doe snot work, your not going to fix it? I did not quite get what you said
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    thanks for the addon... however I used your code and cooked it into a nice nugget since i needed some further customization.

    How do I make the "code boxes"? (like hamed did in the post above)
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    <code> </code> and switch to html format
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    The sign in input forms are too wide (over the side panel). I am using firefox 3 on Linux. It happens on two of my machines with wider screen (the narrow screen is ok). Anyone know why? How can it be fixed? Thanks in Advance.
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    I'll check it out... it might be that the fields have a set width in a percentage instead of a fixed number of pixels.
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    Thanks WallPhone for looking into it. BTW, the Live Search form size did not get affected. It always stays in the boundary.

    Also one more question, I have several other pages on my sites, is it possible to add this signin on my other pages as well? Use this site for example, it is like adding GuestSignin for Swell Blog | Documentation | Community | Get Vanilla | Vanilla Add-ons. Please give me some hint how I would do that.

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    WallPhone: I fixed the form length issue by adding the following to style.css (I am not completely certain with the levels):

    #GuestSignIn fieldset form ul li input#txtUsername, #GuestSignIn fieldset form ul li input#txtPassword { width: 162px; }
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    Cool... I had a hard time reproducing this because I hadn't ever set up multi-monitors in Linux.

    You might be able to shorten it to just this:#GuestSignIn #txtUsername, #GuestSignIn #txtPassword { width: 162px; }
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    I wanted direct registration and password requests alongside direct login, which is easy to add to this great extension. Maybe other people want it as well, so:
    $SignInForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "SignInForm", "frmSignIn");
    $PasswordForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "PasswordRequestForm", "frmPassword"); $ApplyForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "ApplyForm", "frmApply");
    and below
    $Page->AddRenderControl($SignInForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_HEAD"] + 1);
    $Page->AddRenderControl($PasswordForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_MENU"] + 2); $Page->AddRenderControl($ApplyForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_MENU"] + 3);
    Off course, you should add some extra css as well.

    What I am now looking for is a way to add direct logout instead of a link to a logout page. Could anybody point me in the right direction?
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    Just wanted to say thanks for this extension. Apart from its obvious use, I've edited it slightly to use it as an (invisible) visit logger to index.php (by IP address and time), consistent with a method on the rest of my site. The logger is (an edited version of) hit-ip-counter ( I don't speak php, so I have to keep things simple. I've added the following line to the css file: #GuestSignIn p#count {display: none;} and the following line to default.php in the $Panel->AddString('<div id="GuestSignIn"> section: <p id="count"><script type="text/javascript" src="(relativepathto)/counter.php?id=(actualpageID)"></script></p> Thanks again; unsophisticated types like me would be quite unable to make this sort of thing work if we couldn't 'stand on the shoulders of giants'!
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    It's me again! I've run into a problem with this, when also running 'DefaultPage' (I've posted a comment there, too).

    I can't get both of these extensions to work simulataneously. If I have 'DefaultPage' enabled, signing in with 'GuestSignIn' just takes me to the 'official' sign in dialogue.
    I'm a total beginner with php, so sorting this out is beyond me (yet!). Any ideas?
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    It's me again, again. Totally baffled, as both are working in tandem again. To troubleshoot, I commented out my 'counter' modification, whereupon all OK; however, re-activating my 'counter' didn't re-sabotage them.
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    Thats really odd... Glad you figured it out. Sounds like you are on the fast track to being your own guru.
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    If you're setting $GuestSignIn_Welcome, this extension will crash if $Panel is not set. This will hapen on sign out. Line 67 should be changed into if (isset($GuestSignIn_Welcome, $Panel)) { to avoid this.
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    so is this plugin now working on 1.1.8 as it should be working without causing any conflicts? Or do i still have to go in the code myself and fix some stuff?
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    hi, been a while since anyone wrote this thread - what is the latest with using this on a homepage created in page manager? I have read through the above but can't get it to work - any ideas please?
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