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RSS2 Feed

This discussion is related to the RSS2 Feed addon.
MarkMark Vanilla Staff
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
RSS2 Feed


  • intriguing.
  • Excellent work on the new Add-ons site, Mark. I didn't see a changelog for this add on, so I'm just curious if RSS2 1.0.2 fixes any of the outstanding RSS bugs mentioned in other discussions:
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    No, sorry, this update just removed the xml declaration from the feed so that the feeds can render in firefox. It was an update suggested to me by someone over email.

    This add-on is a sore spot for me. I don't really know much about xml or rss feeds, so I just kind of winged it. If someone else wanted to give this a shot or even take this add-on over, I'd be happy to pass it along.
  • Mark, I think the problem is that no one else really knows either, otherwise I'm sure someone would have made a replacement by now :/
  • Another issue I'm seeing is that HTML tags are escaped in the items' summaries in feeds. So HTML tags, that should otherwise be invisible, appear as though they are written out . Arguably this is minor compared with the other issues, but I thought I should mention it for whoever is able to tackle this.
  • mattmatt ✭✭
    I've just installed my first Vanilla board and will be looking at this in more detail as soon as I can. That's not a promise I'd like to take it over, just some intention that I might do.
  • Look forward to it emsef, thanks :)
  • Just downloaded this and added it to the extensions folder. Nothing shows up. There is no read me.

    So I look in the default.php and it says: "You should cut & paste these language definitions into your
    conf/your_language.php file (replace "your_language" with your chosen language, of course):

    I don't have a conf/your_language.php. But I have a conf/language.php. So I paste the code there. Still nothing.

    I'm thinking that the "replace "your_language" with your chosen language" is the missing piece, but I have no idea where the your_language is and what to replace it with. I'm sure this is a simple semantic thing I'm missing. Can someone be so kind as to help me out?
  • Looking back at this and trying various things (one of which threw hundreds of lines of garbage onto the sign-in pages) I'm not sure what the "language definitions" that are to be pasted are. Which part of the default file?
  • your pasting could be at the right place, but according to this page, this extension should rather use $Context->SetDefinition(...)
  • I've just installed this extension on my private board and when I try to add the feed to a feed reader application (i.e. Feedreader v3.10), i get prompted to add my username and password. Unfortunately, I get an error every time and it won't let me add the feed. Does it matter if I've setup subdomain?
  • Hijacking this discussion to announce Feed Publisher.

    I started to catch some old requests (auth feeds, mod_rewrite support...) but I'm not clear with the actual state of 'RSS feed', 'ATOM feed' or 'CrudeRSS'. Please help me and register to the Assembla project!
  • bug (?) using (for instance) this string search.php?Type=Comments&Feed=RSS2
  • Some usability notes. when subscribe to this discussion with my firefox. i get this in my panel RSS2 Feed RSS2 Feed RSS2 Feed RSS2 Feed .... so i cant see wether it was new posts in the discussion. I want to have some additional information in header like user name or timestamp or some first symbols of comment It's all right when i subscribe to forum or category but discussion.
  • @ skube
    Is your problem solved?

    maybe this string would work better
    Note:I had problems with the contact.php page of the NoWhereBlog.

    Could you send a link to feeds that behaves to good way?
  • with the standard vanilla Group Management (what Group does the User belong to) i defined some Categories as being available only to a certain User-Group. if the user was online he was being presented headlines from categorys he was not supposed to see.
  • When used with the "User Filter" plugin, I was finding that the RSS2 was not appearing on the search page. It turns out to be this extension is not detecting the "Discussions" search type when using advanced search (which is what the User Filter extension directs you to).

    This is the main cause (line 136 of default.php):

    if ($SearchType == "Topics") {

    The RSS feed will only work if the search type is 'Topics'. The search type can actually be 'Topics' *or* 'Discussions', depending on whether you go through the search page in advanced mode or not. In advanced mode it is 'Discussions'.

    The fix is simple:-

    Line 136:
    if ($SearchType == "Topics" || $SearchType == "Discussions") {

    also line 123:
    if ($SearchType == "Topics" || $SearchType == "Discussions" || $SearchType == "Comments") {

    -- Jason
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