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Comment Permalinks

This discussion is related to the Comment Permalinks addon.
remoukremouk New
edited March 2010 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Comment Permalinks


  • Hi, when clicking on the "permalink" Button i got a link like this:

    The funny thing is, the Commentnumber in "#Item_" is ALWAYS 'doubled'; #Item_22 would be
    correct in this case.

    My workaround:
    I am changing it to

    [edit] this may be moved to a different thread, i found quite a few with a "permalink" subjcet
    [edit 2]I guess that "$RowNumber" maybe already used, grep found it everywhere. I changed it to $RowNumberPerm and now everything is fine; of course i had to add
    if (!$RowNumberPerm) { $RowNumberPerm=1; }
    otherwise 0 would have been the starting number.
  • Hi,
    today I tried to translate "Comments Permalinks" and some other Add-ons, too, into German and noticed most of them use the "old style" for declaring the language variables.

    So I made a convertion (with the help of "sed" described here) to use the documented "new style" for the "Comments Permalinks" extension.
    If you want (an I recommend it) you can download the patch or/and the new "default.php" from my site at

    For all German people: The translated text can be downloaded from :)

    Thanks a lot,
  • I wanted a truly permanent link so I suggest this code I test in some forums.
    This is interpolated from Comments Permalinks 1.0 and Comment Links 1.3.2

    CommentLink 1.0

    Extension Name: CommentLink
    Extension Url:
    Description: Adds an absolute "permalink" link to every comment, so you can share a single comment's url.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Philippe Hilsz
    Author Url:

    You should cut & paste this language definition into your
    conf/your_language.php file (replace "your_language" with your chosen language,
    of course):

    $Context->Dictionary['Permalink'] = 'permalink';

    function CommentGrid_Permalinks(&$CommentGrid) {

    $Context = &$CommentGrid->Context;
    $Comment = &$CommentGrid->DelegateParameters['Comment']; $cid = $Comment->CommentID; $did = $Comment->DiscussionID;
    $Link = $Context->Configuration['BASE_URL'] .'comments.php?' . 'DiscussionID='. $did . '&Focus='. $cid .'#Comment_' . $cid ;
    $CommentList = &$CommentGrid->DelegateParameters["CommentList"];
    $CommentList .= '' . $CommentGrid->Context->GetDefinition("Permalink").'';


    $Context->AddToDelegate("CommentGrid", "PostCommentOptionsRender", "CommentGrid_Permalinks");
  • Thanks, this is perfect.

    I updated the extension (and removed the typo in the name) and credited you as the principal author.
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