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Whisper Notification

Whisper Notification


  • Are there any plans to upgrade this extension and fix the multi-page discussion bug? While at first I found it to be very useful, now that the discussions in my forum are becoming several pages long, it is a bit annoying for users to get a message that leads them to the wrong page of the discussion. Several of my users have ended up totally missing a whisper, because having been led to the wrong page, they thought that they had already read the whispers being displayed... This is such a pity, as this extension is really sorely needed, and a great addition to Vanilla. I hope some capable and kind soul will find the time to update it! :-)
  • You might be able to nick the code out of wallphones commentlinks extension and patch this up.
  • @Mini: I wish I could, but I'm not that familiar with the innards of Vanilla...
  • Are there any plans to upgrade this extension and fix the multi-page discussion bug?
    There are plans... but I'm too good at procrastinating to actually enact them. On the plus side, the multi-page bug turns out to be pretty simple to fix, so I'll see about putting a bug-fix release together.
  • @a_magical_me: woohoo!!! I can hardly wait!!! :-)
  • Whenever I go to my profile & select it, it looks like it's selected, but if you go back, it's not actually selectd.
  • this does notify me of new whispers, but no matter how many new whispers i have, it always says "X New" as opposed to telling me a number. any ideas?
  • ^ same here, so I removed it (the Xnew part) completely...
  • i seem to remember on another vanilla install (one a friend was demoing) that it counted them accurately, so i'm not sure why it's doing this. downloaded, installed, nothing weird as far as i know that might affect it. puzzling...
  • Add this before line 16:
    $Context->Dictionary['XNew'] = '//1';
    The exact number of whispers doesn't show because its dictionary definition was forgotten.
  • thanks Ø

    edit: bafflingly enough, i added that line to test it out, whispered myself from a test account, and now i can't get the display to show at all. took out the edit, tried again, and no dice. i'll give it a fresh install tomorrow, it's nearly 6am and i've class tomorrow.
  • Well the missing definition is related to line 57:
    $xnew = str_replace('//1', $row['WhisperCount'], $Context->GetDefinition('XNew'));
    Adding what I suggested works for me. I've found this trick ages ago in another discussion dealing with this problem. I've made a search but I can't manage to find it again... Maybe I've forgotten a part of the solution.
  • When installed on Vanilla 1.1.2, enabled for all
    users with Global Preferences (setting "NotifyOnNewWhisper"
    to "1"), no notification of new whispers appear.

    Is this perhaps a conflict with Announcement 1.2?

    How can I debug this problem?
  • Anybody willing to bring this addon back to life? :p
  • Anyone?
  • This extension does nothing if Private Messages extension is installed.
  • $Context->Dictionary['XNew'] = '//1'; that worked for me and im so glad... thanks to guy who posted it!
  • Someone needs to either rewrite this, or continue with it ... it looks like it still has a few bugs. Also, could it notify you if a whisper to you got edited? It should doublecheck that it isn't already notifying you of that particular comment in the first place, to prevent double notifications. Also, the option of whether to enable these notifications should be on by default, and allow the possibility of being emailed about a whisper. just my $.02... or $.03, or $.04(god i wish there was a cent sign on US keyboards)
  • It seems that the development of this extension has stopped - great shame.
  • fysicsluvr: don't know about your browser, but in Opera you can assign symbols to keystrokes (I have ¢ on Shift+Ctrl+c), or enter them by typing the Unicode hex string (¢ is 00A2) and hitting your "convert to Unicode" key. You can moan, or you can cope!
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