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This discussion is related to the Poll addon.
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  • Is it just me, or does "Add a poll to this discussion" not work? I will look into it.
  • mattmatt ✭✭
    Any reason why editing a poll re-orders the items in it?

    edit: solved by upgrading to 1.3
  • mattmatt ✭✭
    Could "Show active Poll in Panel" default to on/yes/checked?
  • For some reason Members do not see the poll only admin. I have checked show active poll in panel option. What am I not seeing? Thanks-
  • @emsef: if you figure out how to default to 'yes', please post your solution here! :-) @deepspace: when you create a poll, you have to tick the member roles that will be allowed to view/use the poll. Make sure that you have done that, or your users will not be able to use the poll. @Jazzman: I hope you are still around! The Poll extension is pretty crucial to my forum, and I am praying that at some stage in the near future, the following features will be added: 1) CLOSING A POLL: the admin should be able to manually close a poll, so that no further voting is allowed. 2) AUTO-CLOSING A POLL: the ability to have time-restricted polls, ie. polls that automatically close by a certain date Right now, there is no way to 'close' a poll, so the only way to stop people from continuously voting in it is to post the results, and DELETE the poll altogether.
  • Thanks icouto but I already had that. I deleated the pole and started fresh even letting banned have access but still nothing. I looked at the permissions and such but really see no where else I could make changes. maybe a fresh install odf the whole thing. Cheers!
  • mattmatt ✭✭
    @icouto: what I did was change the logic for displaying the poll (inverted using !) and then changed the preference to say "Hide active Poll in Panel". So the poll is enabled/shown by default, and you have to opt out using the preference.

    Here's how:

    default.php: line 87
    if( !$Context->Session->User->Preference('ShowActivePoll') ) {
    conf/language.php: line 6
    $Context->SetDefinition('ShowActivePoll', 'Hide active Poll in Panel');
    Works well for me. :)
  • Is it at all possible to allow everyone to VIEW the poll, but only allow certain groups to participate in the poll? This is a huge issue right now for me because a certain roll of people on my forum vote people in, and I'd like the people trying to get in to be able to see the voting numbers, however they shouldn't be able to vote.

    Is this possible with the extension or is it something completely out of it's scope?

  • @emsef: thank you for the tip! I'll try it out. @Joshua: hmmm, that would be useful, wouldn't it?...
  • I'm getting the same display problems - only admin can see it in the panel.
  • @Jazzman! Where are you? We miss you!!! :-(
  • I'd like to be able to disable the Show Poll in Sidebar option completely and disable it for the whole forum so no polls attached to discussions are shown in the sidebar. It's unlikely that in a community for artists something like "global polls" will ever be needed.

    I want to disable the poll notification on top of the page as well. When talking about contests/art battles where two images compete, that could make sense. But if someone is attaching a poll to his discussion like "do you like my picture?" or someone starts a poll to determine which gaming console is the best one (entering a starting value is absolutely useless in my opinion :( it's rather causing harm than doing any good), being notified about that might get on someone's nerves :) I'd like to check the default setting (with notifications turned on) out, but if that's just bugging I'd like to eb able to turn it off as well.

    Just my 2 cents, or so :D
  • mattmatt ✭✭
    you can also now use my extension Global Preference Setting to switch on Poll, or change any preference, for all users.
  • Is there a way to automatically show the latest poll in the sidebar so that it would become the "active" poll?
  • @lipa: the poll that the user sees on their sidepanel is whatever poll they are authorised to see, and which is closest to the top of the polls list. So, you control which poll will appear on the sidepanel, by putting it at the top of the list.
  • Yeah, I know that... but it would be much more convenient if the newest poll was added to the top, not the bottom of the list (as it is now). And that would solve my problem.
  • Never mind, needed to merely log out and log in again to see changes
  • I installed this extention & then uninstalled it however the user permission selection bit is still there. How can I remove it?
  • You cant. You'll find that happens with all extensions which add permissions.
    You can actually get rid of it if you do some digging in the database but that's a lot of work. Unfortunately that's one of the main weaknesses of vanilla.
  • Is it just me, or does this not work with pretty URL's at all?
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