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This discussion is related to the Poll addon.


  • Is there a way to capture who voted, and what they voted for in a poll?

    This would be EXTREMELY useful to me.

    Thanks in advance
  • Bump. Anyone using this, and know if there is a way to capture who voted, and what they voted for in a poll????
  • I'm using Poll 1.3 and it shows up and it shows not up - I cannot even see any real system which user can see the poll and which user not. Just now I have a test-poll started as Admin and: the users can vote, but Admin can't, though the Poll has been made open for ALL. This is very strange.
    So, not working extensions up to now:
    Poll 1.3
    Captcha 0.2.1a
    I'm just having Vanilla on a test-installation and not yet as a final instalation on my real webspace.
    SInce I liked to use Vanilla but am desperately in need of both captcha an poll I'm very unsure whether to use Vanilla.
    Looks great, is fast, the board is fine, but the extensions aren't easy enough to handle.

    Here is the test installation:
    If you want to log in: (username/password) tester/tester
  • Development of this module seems to have been abandoned.

    This is a great shame, as there is no other alternative to give a poll functionality to Vanilla. It would be wonderful is someone were to take up this project, and implement the fixes and features necessary to make it current again.
  • Any idea on how I can get the poll displaying on the blog addon?

    I've added extension.php to the correct selfurl and still it doesn't show up. Other extensions show up on the page, except this one.
  • Yeah, I'd like to see this continue to be developed as well.
  • also - there are perhaps 50 active polls on there now so when new people join they are bombarded with a huge list of notifications forcing them to switch off the notification feature. Is there anything I can do to default it to off - or just disable notifications altogether
    Yup, this is the number one problem with this. But instead of disabling the feature by default for new users(after enabling, what could be hundreds of poll notifications are still shown), could it be possible to only show notifications for polls that have been created in the past week for example?

    Can anyone with the proper knowledge do this and perhaps revive this great extension because as it stands, the extension unusable because of the notification issue.
  • I'm with wohoo on this one. any fix available?
  • And if not a fix, how could the notification part be removed from this extension?
  • How would I mod this extension to get rid of notification completely?
  • I've contacted the author and will let you guys know the status of this cool extension as soon as he replies.
  • @fuge: thank you. Browsing through this thread, you will see that there are a few rather *major* issues with the Poll extension, which really need to be solved in order for it to be truly useful, including:

    * being able to CLOSE the poll
    * being able to turn off notifications

    Many thanks in advance for keeping us up-to-date with what's happening with this.
  • How can I use "Global Preference Setting" to set "Turn off Poll Notifications" of all my users to off
  • this addon would be perfect if only there was the option to show/hide results without having to actually vote. could someone help me with modification?
  • "How can I use "Global Preference Setting" to set "Turn off Poll Notifications" of all my users to off"'

    Wow do I need this too!
  • I think we (I) just need the text to use the tool. SInce I am no a Php programer, Global Preference Setting is kinda useless. It is cool but am just a silly user....
  • how is it going, wetcircle?
  • This extension doesn't work for me... I've added a poll in the poll management, but it's not showing up anywhere. :S
  • Jazzman, is there any way to get a page that lists the results of past polls?

  • when I remove the extension from the server, the check boxes are still displayed inside of "Roles and Permissions" page. Exhausted all my skills (which are very few) trying to remedy this. I'm using Vanilla v.1.1.5a.
  • Is there a possibility to add a link "go to poll" under the active poll in the panel?

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