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Next Unread Discussion

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Next Unread Discussion


  • Look like this extension can't be found by the updater... (In case you're wondering, yeah, I'm currently in an update frenzy :)
  • Has anyone figured out how to get this to be found by the updater? It is such an eye sore when I am checking for updates. Is it even being supported anymore?
  • From the look of things, all it would need would be for an addons admin to change the title of the addon from "Next Unread Discussion Link" to "Next Unread Discussion" by removing the "Link" from the end. No point in fixing up the extension since the folder its in and the CSS header link doesn't have the word link in it either. Then I believe it will show up in the update checker without users having to do anything :)
  • I love it when old discussions are brought back, I never saw this one. I will have to check it out.
  • If there aren't any more unread comments, shouldn't the link be removed?
  • Yes, or greyed out and saying "No more unread" <-- better IMO
  • Interesting extension, would be nice to see it modified with Stashes suggestion.
  • I'm having this problem on my forum where if you have a next unread link with an anchor of say "Item_5" upon clicking the link the browser just moves up to the post with anchor "Item_5" on the current page. I have only tested this on Firefox and nothing else.
  • "If there aren't any more unread comments, shouldn't the link be removed?" if that is all you wanted open default.php and search for $echoStr .= $DiscussionForm->Context->GetDefinition('NextUnreadLinkLabel'); make it look like if (!$nextUnreadDiscussionId) $echoStr .= "&nbsp;"; else $echoStr .= $DiscussionForm->Context->GetDefinition('NextUnreadLinkLabel');
  • "Yes, or greyed out and saying "No more unread" <-- better IMO" To grey out add in the style.css file .NoNextUnread { width: 100%; color: #bbbbbb; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; } In the default.php 3 places need to be changed: Original 1: $Context->Dictionary['NextUnreadLinkLabel'] = 'Next Unread >'; Altered: $Context->Dictionary['NextUnreadLinkLabel'] = 'Next Unread >'; $Context->Dictionary['NoMoreUnreadLabel'] = 'No More Unread'; Original 2: $echoStr .= '<span class="NextUnread">'; Altered: if (!$nextUnreadDiscussionId) $echoStr .= '<span class="NoNextUnread">'; else $echoStr .= '<span class="NextUnread">'; Original 3: $echoStr .= $DiscussionForm->Context->GetDefinition('NextUnreadLinkLabel'); Altered: if (!$nextUnreadDiscussionId) $echoStr .= $DiscussionForm->Context->GetDefinition('NoMoreUnreadLabel'); else $echoStr .= $DiscussionForm->Context->GetDefinition('NextUnreadLinkLabel');
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