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Pimped my Vanilla

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Pimped my Vanilla


  • Changing the default page with the DefaultPage extension breaks this script. Even with IgnoreDefaultPage=1 set.

    Any ideas on a way to make them work together?
  • Take this section of a line out of pimped:($Context->SelfUrl == 'index.php') &&

    Its about 10-15 lines down, starts with IF. Should still work but it might make a conflict with another control more likely, but only if they both use the 'Pimped' PostBackAction.
  • The problem seems to occur if the Pimped extension is enabled after DefaultPage.

    Try disabling them both then enabling 'Pimped' then 'DefaultPage' or if you are happy to do so you could edit the extensions.php file in the 'conf' directory.
  • Hello,

    I think Unauthenticated users can't access Pimped. I've edited

    $Context->Configuration['BLING_REQUIRE_SESSION'] = True; // Require a valid session to show bling

    to read

    $Context->Configuration['BLING_REQUIRE_SESSION'] = False; // Require a valid session to show bling

    but it still doesn't work. The link shows up in the sidebar where it's supposed to, but the link just keeps showing me the front page.

    This is the link in my address bar after I click:

    Thanks :)
  • On my forum, this works fine, but I lose a lot of my extra menu items in the menu tab. Including ShortStat, Blog, Contact.
  • What other extensions are you running?
  • Quite a few :P The only ones that spring to mind that might affect this, is Page Manager and Nugget.
  • Try resyncing tabs on page manager.
  • Yeah, that didn't do it. The extra tabs are tabs that aren't added by Page Manager - eg, contacts, blog etc. *brain storm* Right, just saying that made me wonder if just re-ordering the execution of extensions would fix it. And, it did. The first things to load are now: include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."ContactForm/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."ShortStat/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."PageMng/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Blog/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Pimped/default.php"); Basically, if it comes after Pimped, it doesn't get included in the menu. I'll see if I can think of a neater fix, mind you.
  • I can't come up with a cleaner solution than that. Looking at the code for the contact add-on, it only adds the menu tab if $Menu is already setup. So I can only assume it has something to do with that. At the end of the Pimped code, it adds in the rest of the extensions and then renders the page. I tried re-ordering this to see if it helped in any way, but it didn't. For the moment, I'm happy to just re-order my extensions file - it's not the end of the world.
  • I've fixed the bug where users that aren't logged in couldn't access it:

    Change the following line (found towards the end) from:



    if ($Context->Configuration['BLING_REQUIRE_SESSION'] == True) {$Context->Session->Check($Configuration);}

    Works a charm here.
  • [quote]Later versions will also show styles, themes, and languages.[/quote] will this be ready? or? is this like dead now
  • I've decided against themes & styles, since a user won't be able to change the theme and it should be pretty obvious when they actually see the forum, and styles are already visible with the style switcher extension. I suppose languages would also fall in those categories.
  • yeah ok i just saw you wrote that and i was wondering what is up it is all cool though
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