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    Quote: [-Stash-]
    pic Seeing as how member info doesn't change *that* often, it would make sense to
    get some caching in this extension. pic
    Or simply tell it to stop doing its thing until asked to?

    Posted: Wednesday, 8 August 2007 at 8:01AM

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    The idea behind the caching is that you would then be serving a static page to most of the people viewing the list, which is really easy on the server. You'd only need to update it when a member changed a detail or a member was added/deleted, or every 5 minutes, whichever comes last ;)
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    Thanks for the caching lesson mate!

    The problem with caching is that you never know if it's up to date.

    More importantly, this add-on appears to do something in the background at every page load, even when it is not being used.

    As deaner suggested, I had set up a PageManager tab and rarely used it. Things slowed down, but when I de-activated the add-on, everything sped up.

    There should be no need for caching if the add-on only did its thing when called upon. A slight delay is acceptable if you have just asked it to go and get information from the database.

    Posted: Wednesday, 8 August 2007 at 10:36AM

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    A hint on a problem I had until now: When calling the members-page the "Tab_png"'s always showed 'inactive' and so not the tabOn one. The solution was a fault on my part, I didn't have a fixed URL for the tab in Page Manager. Strangly it worked anyway, with the exception of the navigation-tabs. (was extention?... changed to http://... ) Just thought I'd post it in case someone else has the same problem :) Thanks!
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    I'd like to add myself to the other requesting exclusions (especially banned members) as my member page is become far too big to manage also I'd quite like to be able to order the name by the number of post - the kids on my forum like that kind of stuff
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    There is an issue with this extension. The email addresses displayed are not made safe by using the WriteEmail function so are available to 'SpamBots'. This is especially an issue if the list is available to 'Guests'.
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    Can i Disable the 'members tab' for the members ? I just want to allow administer to view the members list. is it possible ?
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    How to show only 25 or 50 users by Page ? Now I have all users at one page, and page are loading too long.
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    Bump - Any Idea ?
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    adamos22, there a lots of people wating a long time for this addon to be updated with features that address the problem you've highlighted. So sadly bumping this topic will not help - if you see above, the number of related posts date back several months so I think it rather unlikey that you suggested changes are going to happen anytime soon.
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    This doesn't appear to work in Vanilla 1.1.5a
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    I just installed this version and I have been playing around with it a bit. I added 'DateLastActive' and 'LastCommentPost' to the list so I would be able to see when users last logged in and when they last commented.
    However, I noticed that the page is unable to sort those columns correctly by date (it can sort them by being NULL or not, but not by date).
    I checked the original where you can list the date of registration, but that was also unable to sort by date.

    I have tried changing the TH class to sortable-date and sortable-date-djm etc, but that didn't do anything (i'm not sure whether that is just a css-style issue or whether that is actually used by the sorting algorithm)

    Has anyone else noticed this? Or did I mess up the code too much?
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