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Discussion Pages

This discussion is related to the Discussion Pages addon.
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Discussion Pages


  • Can anyone report this extension working in 1.1?
  • yes it's qorking
  • How many extensions break with 1.1 :S
  • @laurent107: many thanks for the report! Now I have another good reason to upgrade! :-) @MySchizoBuddy: I believe that after the latest upgrade (1.1.2) most of the extensions work. If you are concerned about a specific add-on not working, look for reports of any problems in this forum!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    The biggest change from 1.0.x to 1.1.x was that the discussions.php theme had a change in it. I didn't anticipate it would cause as many problems as it did. If I had known, I would have changed it in a different way. Oh well - that's life.

    Most of the fixes (to extensions) have been pretty easy. I think it's worthwhile noting that the bugs are a lot more noticable now because of the changes to the addons site. People now have a direct place to discuss problems with extensions - it makes it look like there are a lot of problems (and there are with some), but it also causes the extension authors to be more accountable for their work. I bet most of the time the authors weren't even aware of the problems - but now they will be.
  • @Mark: thank you for the upgrade to the Add-Ons site, too! It *is* better, I believe, not just for the end users, but also (ultimately) for the authors. Keep up the good work! - it is enormously appreciated!!!
  • I've just upgraded to 1.1.2, but this extension is not working for me. At the top of my discussions page, I get a series of: "Notice: Undefined index: TEXT_PREFIX in /home/aea/public_html/forumoj/extensions/DiscussionPages/default.php on line 18" "Notice: Undefined index: TEXT_SUFFIX in /home/aea/public_html/forumoj/extensions/DiscussionPages/default.php on line 23" And indeed, next to the discussion titles, both the prefixing "[" and the suffixing "]" that appear next to the page number, are both missing. This extension was working perfectly well with 1.0.3. Is this extension supposed to 'just work' with 1.1.2, or are we supposed to do some manual tweaking?
  • Hmmm, after some investigation and reading in these forums, I managed to patch this extension so that it works with version 1.1.x of Vanilla. There are only 2 very small changes required to a single file: All that is required, is that in the extension's default.php file, the text: ...Context->Configuration['TEXT_PREFIX'];... should be replaced with: ...Context->Dictionary['TextPrefix'];... And the text: ...Context->Configuration['TEXT_SUFFIX'];... should be replaced with: ...Context->Dictionary['TextSuffix'];... Done. It works. I would upload the patched file to the Add-On archives, but I do not know how!
  • You dont have permission. I'll sort it out when I get back from work if i remember (drop me a reminder if i seem to have forgotten) FYI, I think $Context->GetDefinition('TextPrefix') would be better :)
  • Uploaded version 1.1 of Discussion Pages to reflect the changes made in v1.1.2 of vanilla and use the new GetDefinition method.
  • @Minisweeper: Thank you!!! :-)
  • hello peoples, i just ran across a bug that may or may not have to do with this extension (or it may be a vanilla bug) either way, when a topic starts with a number (in my case '3'), the rest of the 3s on the page get some kind of substitue and all link back to the '3' thread, even 3s in people's usernames.
  • so i still don't know if it was caused by this extension or not, anyone who has forums and would like to test it out, simply edit a topic title to be a number that is also a page number (aye, so that pretty much does mean it was caused by this extension). if you have multiple categories, you should/will notice that it only happens when using the all discussions view (vanilla/) or by viewing the category which has the thread with a topic = #
    i did not have the time to see if it was caused by the topic starting with a number or just being a number. either way, it seems to be a bug of sorts.

    thanks for this extension though, i find it useful regardless, and sorry if it is hard to clearly understand what this bug is, the screenshot should be enough to figure it out.
  • also similar bugs happen when two threads, with multiple pages, end with the same characters. perhaps some rewriting of the code is in order; if i have the time i will do it, otherwise i can help recreate the bugs for someone else to figure out.
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