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Applicant Email Verification

This discussion is related to the Applicant Email Verification addon.


  • okay; I don't think you quite got what I meant. I meant if you mistype your email address, and it happens to be someone else's email address. (not necessarily a user of the forum) That other person can follow the link to be validated *and* logged into the forum as whatever unsuspecting user mistyped their email.

    Also, vanilla allows 2 users per email address.

    On another note: I just signed up for zoho, and it required you to enter your password in the email validation step. (i get the email; i click the link; it says "enter your password;" i enter the password I just chose at registration; i'm validated)
  • Oh I see, then they will get the email but they won't know the password.

    Another case of not letting stupid people loose with a lethal weapon like a computer!
  • Exactly, so you enter your password (it knows your userid indirectly from the validation link), and you're validated and logged in at the same time.

    Perhaps you could also dump them off at their account page with a message such as "customize your account page so people know who you are."

    **or allow them to log in and customize their account page before they're validated
  • I notice in my testing that the applicant receives three emails telling them to click the link to be authorized. Is there anyway to just have one email sent?

  • Also noticed that it doesn't pull the support email address for the confirmation window that appears after a person submits his application. Something to do with lines 4 and 5 in the language.php file Sorry I am new to all this but I assume it is pulling this info from the support email supplied in the applications setting form. It is just printing a "." instead of the email address. Vanilla 1.1.5 and latest version of this plugin.

    This is the same problem dhdesign noted in post #3 above back in Mar. of 07.

  • Does anyone know if there is a way that a user can request a resend of the activation message using this extension?

    Where the original message does get caught in a spam trap or for whatever reason it needs to be resent - ideally it would be requested by the user by entering their username (like password reset) and the email only being sent to non authenticated users.

    Would be interested to know if anyone has already implemented this in anyway.
  • Does it work on Vanilla 2?
  • lucluc ✭✭
    It was for v1.
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