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Yellow Fade

This discussion is related to the Yellow Fade addon.
MarkMark Vanilla Staff
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Yellow Fade


  • @Mark: the default.php file for the Yellow Fade extension has to be changed to reflect the name in the add-ons repository. The file tells the updater that the name of the extension is "YellowFade Effect", when it should be just "Yellow Fade".
  • It works here..are you sure you're running the latest version of the extension?
  • @Mini: as far as I can tell, the latest version of the extension is version 0.1. That is the one I've got!
  • Well the name of the one in the addons site is 'Yellow Fade'..?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Sorry - my mistake. If you just change the name in your extension to "Yellow Fade" it will be fine. I didn't want to upgrade the revision just for a name change.
  • Seems to conflict with SmoothPageJump. :(
  • Doesn't seem to work here, even with all my extensions deactivated. The .js is added to the head, though.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @kimC: are you using a custom theme?
  • no, it's a fresh install, and i'm using the default theme. i'll post the solution here if i manage to find out what's causing it.
  • One problem: it doesn't fade to the right color. If I whisper myself, for instance, it doesn't fade to purple when I'm done.
  • The yellowfade javascript is included on pretty much every page in vanilla, but it's really only needed on the comments page, so I was wondering if line 11 could be changed from if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("index.php", "categories.php", "comments.php", "search.php", "post.php", "account.php", "settings.php"))){ to if($Context->SelfUrl == 'comments.php') { or perhaps even if($Context->SelfUrl == 'comments.php' && $Context->Session->UserID > 0) {
  • This seems to cause BBInsertBar to fail... (clicking the BBInsertBar buttons just brings me to the top of the page) Is there a particular order that I need to activate the extensions?
  • when you whisper to someone, it does the yellow fade thing, and then ends on white as if it were a normal comment, rather than light yellow, like a whispered comment is supposed to be.

    Hello everybody ... i just checked my server logs and found tons of error messages concerning the yellow fade addon in combination with the report post addon:

    [error] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant ReportPost_YELLOWFADE - assumed 'ReportPost_YELLOWFADE' in /home/whatever/public_html/vanilla/extensions/ReportPost/default.php on line 88

    anyone any idea or could tell me whats the prob? :(
  • line 88 of default.php says: <b>$Anchor = (ReportPost_YELLOWFADE ? '#Comment_'. $CommentID : '#Item_'. $RowPosition);</b> anyone knows what the problem is? what do i have to do to fix the error - if its one ...
  • Doesn't work for me :( Extension installed and loaded but no any effects... What happened?
  • Sorry, just testing it here. :)
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