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Buy A Drink

This discussion is related to the Buy A Drink addon.
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Buy A Drink


  • Hi Wallphone,

    Seems like default.php is tagged as 1.0 while the extension is actually reckognized as 0.9.1 here in the addons repository.
  • Version number changed from .9.1 to 1.0.
  • Fixed :-)
  • WallPhone, I'm not sure I understand the add-on. What would it be used for?
  • Its simply a channel for kickbacks. A way for other members to donate a couple of bucks to a member who they found helpful. You rubbed my back, I rub yours.

    Another outlet for this is buying an item on someone else's Amazon wishlist*--Amazon handles delivery, and you get listed as the giver.

    *I was thinking of adding that to this extension, but nobody ever requested it.
  • Is there an that could be added in place of the words Buy a Drink? It might be a good option to have.
  • The extension has those words defined for the language file at the top of the extension so they are easy to edit--but I do see that 'donate' would be a better word choice for some.

    I can put it in a administrator-configurable option in the next release.
  • What I meant to say - is there an image that could be used instead of the words?
  • *I was thinking of adding that to this extension, but nobody ever requested it.

    Well that could be pretty interesting... I don't know if users would be more inclined to make donations or gifts, but the choice to send gifts sounds quite funny. It would be more creative than sending a few bucks for sure.
  • Jim: Yes, if you put a img tag in the definition, it will show as an image. (Example)
  • I installed the "buy a drink" extension but have not been able to get it to work. Does anyone know if the "permalink" or "report post" extension interferes with the "buy a drink" extension?
  • Each user who wants to recieve donations needs to go to their forum preferences and check the box to enable the extension for your account. Its done this way for privacy since anybody who follows the link will be able to retrieve the user's email address.
  • Thanks WallPhone! I'm really loving this PHP! Can anyone recommend something similar to Vanilla for a website? I want to use it to sell products. Thanks!
  • I've added this, but haven't really rolled it out just yet... but have a bit of a feature request already! Basically, I use my Vanilla to support a bunch of events run by myself and a few others. I'd like to set things up so that the event organisers can take donations, but normal members can't... Is there any chance of adding some role based permissions so that this might be possible?

    If not, well, I'll probably use it as is - but it'd be fantastic if it could do this too.
  • Is this 1.1.3 compatible or is it just me? :) Thanks
  • Hmm, must need a bounty? :p How much to get this 1.1.3 compatible & changed so it doesn't show unless logged in? Maybe finish the improved spam control mentioned in the docs too? only showing to logged in members should improve that some also. Any takers? cheers
  • It seems to work fine on my 1.1.3 install. Does it give any error message or just simply not show up?

    Giving a role ability and such would be easy. What is this spam control thing?

    Gladly take a bounty too!
  • Hey wallphone :) The link showed up, but just reloaded the discussion page when clicked. I didn't spend too much time with it. Adding that role ability would be sweet, that should add some email security as well. I saw this in the readme... "Version 1 will also support a validation code to better protect the email from automated harvesting by spammers." I see this is version 1.0 though? Is that the MD5 & been done already? You add the role ability & I'll help you test it by sending you some beer money with it? :) Looks like a fun addon!
  • Uploaded version 1.1 of Buy A Drink.
  • Yep, the validation requires an signed-in user, javascript on the client side, unique links that expire daily and employs a similar hashing scheme that is used for SSL.
    It's probably a little overboard, but can be turned off if needed.

    This version uploaded today adds your requested role permissions, uses zero additional database queries, (old version made one query per comment--very slow) and also adds Amazon wishlist support.

    Amazon wishlists, since they don't reveal an email address like a paypal link would, don't have any fancy protection and will work for guests who aren't signed in.
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