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This discussion is related to the Attachments addon.
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  • I'm probably the only person who does this, but that's not stopping me from making this suggestion anyway... It would be nice if the whole attachment input/button was hidden by default. I find I'm constantly hitting the wrong button when posting (browse instead of post comment). Of all the comments created, only a very small percentage require an attachment. I think it would be sleeker, if only when you needed to attach a file, you would click an expansion box, which would reveal the necessary tools required for the task at hand.
  • Doesn't bother me personally, but I still like the idea :)
  • Yeah, I'm all about clean, context-dependent interfaces.
  • u can edit the file or use CSS to move it to another palce
  • Uploading images works fine. When I try to upload a PDF the following error occurs:
    You are not allowed to upload (filename.pdf) the requested file type: application/force-download
    I tried to find a solution here, but found none. Can anybody help?
  • Man, this needs to go in the FAQ... There's a recent post by me on this, but basically you need to add the "application/force-download" bit to the default.php of Attachements. If you open the file up, you'll see a bunch of lines with that kinda thing in them and you should get the idea - I did and I know *very* little about PHP. Sorry I can't be more descriptive right now, but I'm off to a antenatal class... (search, and you'll find several threads on this).
  • Hello skube, I think this is what you were looking for:
  • You are the man, Jazzman. Thx!
  • Thanks Stash, that works.
  • I've mentioned this before, but got zero response, so I thought I'd try again because I think it's a great idea :)

    Originally from Multi File Upload discussion:
    This extension rocks. Would be nice to have a GUI so we can manually change the max number of uploads, and perhaps also some indication by the upload box that says how many files can be uploaded at once? I have to say that this, combined with ThickBox rocks :) With Inline Images and thumbnails set to 125px, it's like an instant gallery :)

    I have also been thinking a little regarding Attachments' extensions. I personally believe they should go into a subdirectory of the Attachments extension, so something like:/extensions/Attachments/InlineImages /extensions/Attachments/MultiFileUpload /extensions/Attachments/AnotherNewAttchmentsExtension
    After all, they all REQUIRE Attachments to work any way. Then we could perhaps also have their options GUIs selectable from a dropdown menu in the Attachments Extensions Options screen? It would keep things nice and neat and together in the attachment extensions area of the panel. I mean it's fine right now with only two extensions to Attachments, but what about when there are 5, 10, 16?

    This is how I would envisage the admin side looking. The relevant section wouldn't show up if the extension isnt installed.

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  • It's a great extension but I've found a minor bug in it. In default.php in three places it says MineType instead of MimeType, which makes it not retrieve the attachment MIME type properly from database. Other than that, everything's perfect, it seems.

    BTW If I may have a suggestion, could you also allow Excel (XLS, application/ and PowerPoint (PPT, application/ files by default in the next release?
  • @CandleWithHare naise that bug is probably the reason for some of my buggy problems... you can add any file type you want in the default.php file. so far I havent been able to see the file type options in the settings page, but have edited it manually. btw, is there a way for it to say just accept all types? i run two private forums where I trust everyone and therefore, want to let them post whatever
  • this add on conflicts with quotes. try to quote a message that has attachments. it displays the quote message like this; "Mesajlarınıza youtube, google video ve ifilm videoları ekleyebilirsiniz. Yapmanız gereken tek ÅŸey video linklerini mesajlarınıza yazmak.[div id=Attachments_16 class=Attachments][ul][div]video.gif[/div][/ul][/div]"
  • Hello, when posting a non-allowed file type I get this message: Some problems were encountered The requested discussion could not be found. I believe the error message is supposed to be something like "this file type is not allowed" or similar. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it possible to configure this add-on to accept all file types? [edit] I just discovered that I also get the very same error message when deleting a discussion (the discussion gets deleted, and then the error displays). I guess the problem is related to my Vanilla configuration, and not the add-on... Disregard that - seems to be caused by me turning off Deleted comments visible for admins. The attachment-problem still persists...

    Now it's working - probably caused by a recent upgrade of my mediatemple server.
  • I installed it, when i test posting a comment with an attachment, i get the page not found. however, the post is live and its under discussion and the attachment is there also.

    how to fix this issue?
  • Is there any way to manage the uploaded files?
  • I have properly installed this extension, but I cannot add attachments. Why I select an attachment via Browse and then click "Add your comments," I get a red text error that states the following:

    Some problems were encountered
    An error occured while creating a new attachment folder. Check your upload path permissions

    How do I fix this problem?

    (I know how to change permissions on files/folders via my FTP client, so if someone can guide me to the specific files/folders that need to be changed, I would greatly appreciate it. Keep in mind though that I changed all the permissions properly to setup my Vanilla forum, in strict accordance to the 3 step guidelines for setting up Vanilla. Please also note that I have another permissions problem reported here.)
  • Have you made a folder named uploads in your vanilla folder? Also, it needs to be chmodded to 755.
  • Kim, there is more than one "vanilla" folder! There is one inside "library" and another inside "themes." I created an "uploads" folder in "library" and gave it 755 permissions. I tried attaching a file and got no error this time, but my attachment was not saved (doesn't appear in the discussion thread nor is there a file in the "uploads" directory I made). I tried it again, making another "uploads" folder in the root directory (where all my Vanilla files are stored), but when I tried it again I got the same thing -- no error, but no file uploaded.

    Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • The uploads folder needs to be in the main vanilla directory (same level as ajax, appg, conf, extensions, etc.).

    Inside that folder, you need to create another folder called Attachments (note the uppercase A).

    Then check the path in your admin panel for Attachment Settings, and make sure that it matches what you have on your server.
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