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    You only need to make the uploads-folder, no need for any additional folder inside it (unless you explicit specify that in your Extension settings, that's probably what dhdesign did). With the default settings, the attachments are saved in [your vanilla dir]/uploads/[year]/[month]/
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    dhdesign! Thank you for the extra specifics. I knew there was more to it!

    I deleted the uploads folders I made earlier today. I then went to the root directory where all my Vanilla files are stored and then created a new folder called "uploads". I then opened "uploads" and created a folder named "Attachments". I made sure both folders have 755 permissions.

    I then tried uploading. Just like earlier today though, I get no error but no file uploads.

    I am not following you when you say: "check the path in your admin panel for Attachment Settings"! Where in the world is that? I clicked the Settings tab and checked under all the items (Application Settings, Updates & Reminders, Roles & Persmissions, Registration Settings, Categories, Extensions, Themes & Styles, Languages, and Membership Applications) -- nothing that says "Attachment Settings." I then clicked the Account tab and checked everything there (Personal Information, Change Password, Change Role, Forum Preferences, Languages) -- nothing that says "Attachment Settings."

    Am I losing my mind! I think so!

    kimC, like I said, it's just not working. Earlier today I created an "uploads" folder in my root directory. I didn't create a "year" or "month" sub-directory, but I don't have to right? And what of these mysterious "Attachment Settings" that dhdesign speaks of?

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    i think its pretty obvious you need to solve the database problem before looking to fix anything else JDW. check my reply on the other thread
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    JDW -

    The uploads folder can be set at 755, but make sure the Attachments folder inside it has its permissions set to 777 so that the uploaded file can be saved.

    Attachments Settings is found in the Settings tab under Extension Options, at the bottom of the left panel. That is where you set your path - it will probably look something ilke this: /home/yourusername/public_html/yourdomain/vanillafoldername/uploads/Attachments/. You will need to add the appropriate tags to designate how you want your uploads sorted (i.e., %day%, %month%, %year%, %userid%), if you want them sorted. Mine is set for %year%/%userid%/. Make sure you put the trailing slash at the end, after the last tag.

    You don't need to create any other folders inside the Attachments for day, month, year, or userid - Vanilla will create the appropriate folders when you upload an attachment.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for the advice on setting the Attachments folder to 777. I have now done that (leaving the outside folder "uploads" set to the default 755 permissions).

    Thank you for the specifics on where the Attachment Settings option should be found. Sadly, it is no where to be found. As I mentioned in my post above, you can see that no such "Attachment Settings" exists anywhere in Vanilla when I am logged in as an Admin. Here's a screenshot showing you exactly what I see. Note that although I have properly installed the Attachments 2.1 extension, "Attachment Settings" is no where to be found!

    Please help!
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    Just a shot in the dark: Have you tried to deactivate all the extensions but the Attachment-extension, to see if the Attachment settings is still gone?
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    I've a similar problem to JDW

    I've created the folders like described and so the system looks like:


    Inside uplodas, there is only the AccountPicutre folder (btw: this ext. works).

    The setting of the attachments is:

    But whenever I want to attach a File, I get:
    An error occured while creating a new attachment folder. Check your upload path permissions

    Although the uploads folder has chmod 777 permission.

    Need help,

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    KimC, thanks for the reply.

    I actually have been advised to do a reinstall of Vanilla. And I attempted such yesterday as posted here. But as you can read in that post, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do get past that error and do a clean install!

    To my joy, I awoke this morning to see a post from "Mark" in that thread (I had long hoped Mark would put a reply there). But my jaw hit the floor when I read the content of his post, seeing that it had nothing at all to do with the pain and suffering I had posted in that thread over the past several days (pain and suffering which now comprises the bulk of that thread).

    Suffice it to say, I am greatly disheartened about the feasibility of getting Vanilla to work at all for me at this stage. If even the author of Vanilla won't comment about fundamental problems with Vanilla, I'm not sure there is much more I can do -- I'm swimming upstream right now.

    UPDATE: I started a new discussion here to see if more people would spot it and offer their thoughts. I can only hope they will.
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    Rysk, looks like you have the wrong path for your attachments folder. You shouldn't have your URL, but the actual filesystem path for your webserver. Yours will be different from mine, but mine looks like this:/home/.frac/exhibitq_com/
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    Stash, if I can ever get my Vanilla installation up and running this new post will then become relevant...

    What is the TRUTH about the exact path to attachments? I am hearing conflicting reports. For example, I have the following path to my Vanilla files (where "jdwdomain" is substituted for my actual domain):

    Now, I've been told to recreat this (with a capital "A"):

    But I then was told to create this:

    And now I hear that I need this?

    If so, just to confirm, you are saying we need to put in THAT EXACT TEXT? Meaning the percent signs and all? And so long as the permissions for Attachments and uploads and %year% and %month% are all 777, it should work?

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    at the risk of totally confusing the issue...

    You make your "uploads" folder (just one folder) here:

    If that is the folder you made and the place you made it, then the path with percentages that you enter in the extension's preferences (under Settings > Attachments) will look something like:

    The %year% and other variables are just placeholders for folders the Attachments extension itself will make to organize the images people attach. So you don't end up with one folder of 20,000 image files (unless you want that, of course).

    Note: your Attachments extension is located here:

    but that is different from the "uploads" folder.

    Here's how I set mine up in the Attachments extension panel:**
    ... /

    so Attachments makes a folder in uploads that has additional folders for each user, e.g. that ending above would become this folder for an actual User #32 who uploaded something in 2006: user32_2006. When User #32 uploads something in 2007, Attachments will create another folder in uploads called user32_2007, and so on...

    I did it this way so I can keep each user's images separate from each other. And by year such I could easily find all folders for older years and delete them to make more space on the server.

    ** the path was a little different at the start due to my host's setup, but I dare say that Attachments found the uploads folder I created and provided the path for me. I just altered the end part.
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    Thank you for the reply, but I am still quite confused about those % symbols and the text in between them ("variables"). So you are saying that I do NOT create any folders named "%year%"? If not, you are telling me to create only one folder named "uploads" within my Vanilla folder root domain, as follows?

    If so, then I assume that the Attachments extension will then create all the folders it needs INSIDE the uploads folder automatically? Meaning if I have 200 users, then I could have 200 unique folders auto-generated by the Attachments extension each year inside that uploads folder?

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    @jdw - yes, that is correct
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    This was the crucially hint. After changing the path, I got the


    but like you sat before, I changed the default.php and it works wunderful...

    thank you very very much

    Greetz, Richard
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    Glad it worked for you Rysk.

    JDW, read my comment again. You need to have a file system path to your uplads directory, not a URL path - sorry if you already understood the difference here. The % parts are merely auto created directories and are completely optional. All you need is one directory called "uploads" created anywhere you like, then you need to supply the file system path to it.
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    @JDW: If you don't know, how to get this path, open any PHP-File and insert a stupid line though hitting on your
    Keyboard ^^

    If you then click in your forum, you'll get an error. Ths error shows you the path to your directory. It should look lik:

    /home/www/bli/bla/blub/Forum/extensions/... (depending on which file you've modded)

    so you can build the upload-Path, which has only instead of "extensions" a "uploads"

    -> /home/www/bli/bla/blub/Forum/uplodas/ (Don't forget the Slash)

    Hope I could help
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    How hard would it be to integrate some sort of transloading function to the upload form?
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    @mis-one: Can you please explain transloading? I worked in the transloading department for Conrail, but don't think that is the same thing.
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    hahah yeah a little different, it basically means to load an image from a URL. You can view the technique at: You'll notice you a radio button to have upload locally or from a URL.
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