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  • I added simple fudge dice support. Interested in a patch?
  • I'm interested in your patch! :-)
  • Uploaded version 0.5 of DiceRoller.
  • Hi Adam and Oliof,
    Sorry for being disconnected for so long.

    I hope that along with the new features, I have addressed in this new version all previous Adam's comments.
    Oliof, support for Fudge dice will be nice. Let me know how the patch looks like, I may include it in a new version. You may contact me directly by eMail.
  • Hi, I get by default on a comment this #dice( 4d6+2 ) when I move the mouse over it I get this: #dice( 4d6+2 )1, 2, 3, 1, +2 How do can I the second by default.
  • Awesome! Thanks again!
  • Hi, madeira!

    I thought it was a nice feature for reading the original text easier, and for getting the excitement of using the mouse to discover the results. But if you don't like it, it is easy to make it show the result directly when you load a page.

    Edit the file /your-vanilla-path/extensions/DiceRoller/js/DiceRoller.js
    and comment the line 65, just make it look like this:

    /* window.onload = DR_hideRolls */

    Hope it helps
  • Hi, Thanks for the tip.
  • Hi again. I tweaked default.php to show the sum by default, but when commenting that line the result is something like 05d8, +3 . But when I click or move the mouse over the roll to hide and show again get the roll values and the sum. How can I get this behavior without having to click or move the mouse over the dice?
  • Uploaded version 0.5.1 of DiceRoller.
  • Hi, madeira!
    I have uploaded a new version (v0.5.1) which has support for configuring the default display options. I think it fully solves your problem.

    There is some instructions on the file UsingTheDiceRoller.txt, but they advise you to simple edit the new version file /your-vanilla-path/extensions/DiceRoller/js/DiceRoller.js and you will find some variable definitions at the beginning that you may change at any time to customize how the rolls look when the page is loaded.
    It is plenty of comments to explain their meaning and possible values, but let me know if you find anything confusing or if something does not work for you.
  • Version number changed from 0.5.1 to 0.6.
  • Uploaded version 0.6 of DiceRoller.
  • The main new feature in the v0.6 is the support for user-defined dice names with negative, non-consecutive, or repeated values in the dice sides. Fudge dice are included in the configuration file as an example.

    The sum and sort functions have been updated to work nicely with negative values.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    NOTE: In older versions 1d100 was producing results between 00 and 99. This dice is renamed as 1d00. In the current version 1d100 produces rolls between 1 and 100. If you toggle on the dice-types in old rolls you will see the change on the dice name.
  • Uploaded version 0.6 of DiceRoller.
  • Uploaded version 0.6 of DiceRoller.
  • I have uploaded a new file with a little bug corrected.

    It was affecting people using Dice-Roller version 0.5.1. The database was not updated to change the dice sizes of 1d100 to their new 1d00 name in the dice result strings. It is just a make-up thing, but I think it is nice to keep coherence with the new dice names (1d100 have values from 1 to 100; 1d00 have values from 00 to 99).
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