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Discussion Overview

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Discussion Overview


  • i don't download this... help me...
  • Have we gotten this working with the Tabled Theme yet?
  • Quick note. Default.php still notes v. 1.1 as the
    official version (meaning updater flags it as out
    of date even after upgrading). To avoid this edit
    default.php before uploading from:

    Description: Displays last discussions for each category in an overview kinda way :P Version: 1.1 Author: Maurice Krijtenberg Author Url:
    to Description: Displays last discussions for each category in an overview kinda way :P Version: 1.2 Author: Maurice Krijtenberg Author Url:

    (Note: somehow the HTML post is on the fritz here, but note change from 1.*1* to 1.*2* on second line)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Thanks for the tip - I downloaded, changed the version to 1.2 and re-uploaded :)
  • Jazzman,

    I have been trying out the overview format for a few days and I am getting mix reviews. Would there be a way to turn the tab on and have both the over view and classic layout both on as default and to have the side menu items on both pages? Right now you have the option in the users account controls, but no one is going to look there to turn this on or off and you lose the side menu items. (stats, latest post, who's on)

    Also for some reason in the overview mode, you loose the viewed count. Which something we really like having.
  • Do I need to create a new Tag for the discussions overview to use?
    When I alter it in the user profile I cannot see any tags that offer the overview.
  • If u have Page Manager installed you can add the Tab as below
    Tab Name: Discussion Overview
    Tab Identifier: DiscussionOverview
    Tab URL: http://localhost:8888/vanilla/extension.php?PostBackAction=DiscussionOverview

    change the url to ur server
  • I noticed that Block Category no longer works in the overview page.

    Posted: Monday, 2 April 2007 at 5:06PM

  • Thanks MySchizoBuddy!
  • That didn't work. two problems: firstly the field in the tag url was not long enough to take the full url, secondly the all discussions tag defaulted to the overview display which is not what I wanted. How do I stop it defaulting? and get the field to hold a longer url please.
  • Defaulting to discussion overview is a user preference. In Account -> Forum preferences, users can select whether they want a tab for discussion overview or have the main discussion be the overview. How long is ur url? Whats ur forum ?
  • My forum is here. so the discussion page url makes it very long But if the default switched to discussion overview as default option how will users know they can change it back. Can I globally change it?
  • thats not long at all here is something else wrong with it. whats inside ur CustomPages.php
  • It is too long when you add the other stuff:

    it certainly does not fit in the form field.

    Where is custompages.php residing?
  • Did anyone find a way to globally update the default view for this extension? Like Keith, I'm concerned that not all of my users will be savvy enough to go through their user options in order to switch back to the original discussion view...
  • Is there a way to filter out sticky topics from showing up?
  • Look at the add-on called David. I think that will do what you want.
  • @jimw: Thanks, exactly what I needed.
  • I can't get this extension work with the DiscussionTags extension... the DiscussionTags adds the Tags to the original discussion overview with the Delegate "PostDiscussionOptionsRender" but the DiscussionOverview doesn't respect this Delegate... How could I get the DiscussionOverview respect this delegate?
  • I wonder if I can remove almost all of the details from the discussions and align them to the right as show on the screenshot. Right now I have all the details annd aligned to the left. Thank you
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