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Vanilla Ocean

edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Vanilla Ocean


  • The icons in the menu doesn't show up.
  • A few minor improvements to the Tabled Theme Style Ocean.


    Change line 380 from: background: url('tableheader.png') repeat-x 0 0;to: background: #b4de18 url('tableheader.png') repeat 0 0;
    Change line 390 from: background-color: #ffeec5;to: background-color: #fff7e3;
    Change line 493 from: background-color: #ffeec5;to: background-color: #fff7e3;
    Oh, and you'll want to replace tableheader.png with this one.

    The first and the last point fix the table header from looking crap when you are on a narrow screen and the two middle points make the alternate comments/discussions background paler so it's not so I'm-a-different-colour-look-at-meeeeeeeeeee :)

    Great style Jazzman, even if you don't like the "alternate" colour chage, perhaps you could implement the other two changes in the official style? :)
  • Wish I could get this style to work.

    On my site -

    the title logo (see url below) should show up at the top, but does not show -

  • Are you sure you have a div in your code which will produce the title img?
  • #Header {
    position: relative;
    background: url('panel.png') no-repeat 0 0;
    height: 100px;
    #Header * {
    #Header #Logo {
    height: 100px;
    background: url('title.jpg') no-repeat right center;
    #Header #Logo h1 {
    display: none;
    #Header ul {
    position: absolute;
    top: 50px;
    left: 230px;
    z-index: 1000;

    the title.jpg is the pic that does not show
  • sorry, I am unclear when you refer to the div aspect
  • Sorry for my poor wording. You got what I was asking. I have that same code and it seems to work for me. Did you do a hard refresh to clear the cache?
  • Jim, thanks for th epost. No, I still cannot see the logo image i.e. when i am on my website Do you see it?
  • I did find that if you remove the "#Logo" from the css where the title image is, the image will be displayed. However, you then seem to loose the Vanilla panel image. The #Logo indicates a div id like the Header. I looked through the theme files and did not find a reference to it.

    Edit: The ultimate solution is to add the div Logo to the menu.php file as below after the div Header:
    echo '<div id="Header"><div id="Logo"></div> <a name="pgtop"></a>

    This will then show both images.
  • thanks Jim. I found a few menu.php files.....amended the two ones I thought were most likely........but nope, still no change. :( There is something fundamentlly skewed in this style, I suspect. Other icons aren't showing either along the top, like they should. It's maybe linked to the new versions of vanilla. I do recall the style working fine when I tried it in 2006.
  • Jim's right about the logo div missing... One alternitive that I just tried (and worked) was to change the CSS line that reads #Header #Logo { to #Header h1 {.
  • @Wallphone: I tried that and it wiped out the other image display on the left.
  • Yah, I got that too... when I tried #Header the panel image disappeared, like you noted, but if you do #Header h1 everything seems to fall in to place.
  • great stuff! Now shows the image. Thank you both! Tho i do note that the other little icons (to the left of the logo) still don't show. Jazzman's thumbnail for this add-on shows: But those little icons are not up there. I saw somebody else above who has had these same problems as me.
  • It looks like the menu.php file in the theme is missing--or is missing the customization needed to work properly.

    Open up themes/tabled/menu.php... if its not there, copy the one from themes/menu.php into this folder and edit it.

    There should be something like this inside:<a href="'.$Tab['Url'].'" '.$Tab['Attributes'].'>'.$Tab['Text'].'</a></li>';
    Change it like so:<a href="'.$Tab['Url'].'" '.$Tab['Attributes'].' id="'. $Tab['Value'] .'">'.$Tab['Text'].'</a></li>';
  • That works. Thanks. Now I just need to find a way to make the CategoryIcons work with tables.
  • thanks Jim and WallPhone for the great guidance. I have tempoararily turned on my old theme - because a friend couldn't get signed up. When I went to look today at the vanilla ocean theme's registration page, it was a mess. I had to switch back to my old theme to allow my friend to register later today When I used Jazz's vanilla ocean theme last year it worked beautifully......unsure of what has happened in the meantime (I assume the new vanilla version has upset things).
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    It looks like this theme/style became a victim of updates and probably isn't 100% compatible with changes in the most recent release. Someone should nag jazzman to bump it up in his spare time.
  • I agree, Lech. I hope Jazzman gives it a lookover, if he has some time.
  • Give me a few days, I think I can crank the fixes out. Any1 have that preview png I can use for a ref?
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