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edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
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    How do you make Sort by latest created discussions the default and not the latest post...?
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    If you're using this with the Blog add-on, you'll notice Drafts get added into the listing. To stop this, edit default.php and find:

    $s = &$D->DelegateParameters['SqlBuilder'];

    After it, add:

    $s->AddWhere('', 'Draft', '', 0, '=');

    I usually deal in SQL - so if I'm wrong on this, do tell me as I only briefly read the manual page on SqlBuilder. But it does work!
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    Added another addition, I decided that I wanted all my Blog posts excluded from the list full stop. So the following code allows you to block a particular category from the list. Find: $s->AddWhere('cm', 'AuthUserID', '', $D->Context->Session->User->UserID, '='); } And after the { add: else { $s->Fields = 'distinct ' . $s->Fields; $s->AddJoin('Discussion', 'dl', 'DiscussionID', 't', 'DiscussionID', 'left join'); $s->AddWhere('dl', 'CategoryID', '', 4, '!='); $s->AddWhere('dl', 'Draft', '', 0, '='); //optional, if you're using the Blog addon. } Note that if you've used my modification above, you'll have to remove that line of code, as it is now included in the new query.
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    I have a unique requirement. Out of four categories I have, I'd like one category to be excluded from "Latest Discussion list". That means none of the comments on this one particular category (calling it category X), should appear in the "Latest discussion list". Appreciate any suggestion about how to go about changing the code.
    update : just read the comment from Spode above and found the required code i was looking for. Sorry for not reading thhe comments properly. The solution i was looking for existed before. I'm not able to delete this comment. If admin sees this, please delete this comment.
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    I've tried to change the font color in the style sheet but I wasn't successful. Could you point me in the right direction as to where I could look to modify the color of the font that shows the time last comment was made. (the small text that's in italic)

    I found it inside the main stylesheet I'm using for my version of the forum. I guess a little persistence pays off!

    I don't have the ability to delete my comments so, If you see my comment, Administrator, would you kindly delete this post.
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