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User Wall

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
User Wall


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    this is also conflicting with Flickr Photostream
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    Is this still being developed?
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    the conflict with flickr stream is a css issue with flickr stream
    u will have to fix flickr stream
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    Didn't work on my server first. Open Basedir Restriction stuff is getting on my nerves already :) Change your code to have the following, that prevents users like me from getting blank websites or PHP errors:
    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/PageListFixed.php');
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    Pagination doesn't seem to work for me.
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    This is how my UserWall looks like in IE7.

    Image Hosted by

    It's the same when i switch to Vanilla's default theme. I've tried to correct the code, but failed.
    Could anyone please help me?
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    Hi, seems to work fine for me. I have the flickr addon enabled too. What CSS conflict is there? :S(out of curiousity)
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    I think, the User wall Add-On is a great extension for Vanilla. Would it be possible, to notify users via email, if there is a new entry on their user wall? By the way, i didnt find any possibility for the users turning-off their wall. best regards
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    Also, would it be possible for you to perhaps enable emoticons in the next release too? + problem: If I have alot of comments it automatically adds another page. But the link doesnt seem to work (I have friendly urls installed) I have a slight feeling that this addon has been orphaned.
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    this killed my vanilla. had to delete the extension dir to get the forum to load again. if i didn't, every page i tried to access was blank. any idea what's going on?
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    hi, so like most of you that tried user wall, i believe that this is an interesting addon, just too bad that \Pol decides to stop his work.

    Anyway, i just tried it and decided to play around with the code
    -> Lipa: might be old now, but i believed i have solved your problem, it was a css issue.

    -> mbrink: about user turning off their wall, this is what i'm trying to achieve atm, however ran into some trouble.

    ->vaz: i think i might be able to fix the linking when using mod_rewrite, i'll have a look, in the meantime just set the amount of maximum post to something respectable for yourself.

    So the order of my priority currently is:
    1. User wall toggle
    • problem: i don't know how to pull out the preference data of the user being viewed.
  • to work with friendly url extension
  • with the problem of the user wall toggle, i've enabled the user to store their forum preference, and i know how to pull out the preference of the user in session, but not of the user that is being viewed. If someone can help me with that it would be great.

    p.s. just another long post :bigsmile:
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    Fortunatelly I managed do fix it myself. But the CSS wasn't the only thing I changed. I've rewritten the HTML source. Now it looks fine in both Firefox and IE:

    Free Image Hosting at

    But thanks for your interest!
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    lipa, how about contributing those fixes to this thread so others can use them?
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    I'd gladly do that! I'll take a second look at my version tomorrow just to make it theme-proof and then post it here.
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    right guys, i think i've finished editing, i've added the functionality of a user able to toggle wether people can write onto the wall. As for the friendly URL. i've been doing the coding on a local server so friendly URLs can't work anyway but i think i may have done it.

    So what do i do now in regards to sharing the files? do i upload as my own extension or what?
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    i dunno. if you cant get a hold of the Pol guy i guess you can just upload it somewhere. I'd really like to see if you got the friendly url problem fixed..
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    I would just upload it and call it UserWall-mod1 or something to distinguish it.
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    Right so i said i was going to post up some of the changes i've made and the fix for friendly-url.

    Okay so i've figured out that with regards to friendly-urls, it's nothing to do with this extension. i've reported this to the author of friendly-url and hopefully a new release will happen.

    However if you are confident to edit a .Htaccess file. here is what you need to add.
    RewriteRule ^account/([0-9]+)/([0-9]+)$ account.php?u=$1&page=$2 [QSA,L] RewriteRule ^account/([0-9]+)/([0-9]+)/$ account.php?u=$1&page=$2 [QSA,L]

    And here my package of User Wall. I've changed the version to User Wall 1.0 Beta 10 (2008-04-30), i've removed a the pagelistfixed and simplifieddiscussion files, as far as i have checked they are not needed.

    Download: User Wall 1.0 Beta 10 (2008-04-30)
    Extension will upgrade automatically, however users who were using User Wall 1.0 Beta 6, please perform a clean install as mentioned in the readme.txt.
    Please post back in this discussion on how i did and any recommendation for improvement, especially in the code.
    Thanks and have fun.

    Beta 10
    • Added: Minor private message system, only wall owner and writer can view the message
    • Fixed: PHP4 Friendly (should be anyway couldn't detect any other errors when tested)
    • Changed: Made UserWall.css stylesheet more rigid and less compromising
    • Changed: Removed pagedlistfixed.php and simplifieddiscussions.css
    • Changed: Added another column to the table, extension will upgrade and add column automatically, shouldn't interfere with existing data, but backup anyway
    • Minor: Cleaned up some internal codes
    • Added: Minor debug function, displays actual errors for certain error traps
    I forgot to mention the features added in Beta 9
    • User wall public comment toggle via account preference, owner can still write independent of account pref *
    • Wall comment editing. **
    • Fixed: validation for deleting comments **
    • Fixed: table creation
    • Fixed: table prefix used for table creation, dependant on vanilla config, allows for easy cross custom vanilla install
    • Modified: error trapping during extension installation
    • Modified: Display IP of commenter based on vanilla role permission, no need for iphistory extension
    • Modified/Fixed: Various other small stuff.
    • Added: Shows user icon in post.
    • Added: Master wall moderator role added (can delete/edit all walls).
    • Fixed: Disabled wall feature for applicants
    * Still based on role permissions.
    ** Owner of page can only delete, unless they own the post or is a master wall moderator (role).

    I think that's about it.
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    vanoob, I tried your Beta 8 and no one ever has permission to write. No matter what they set in their preferences. Even the owner of the account
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    @ Neverender, it's a role based permission, you need to go into to "Roles & Permissions" settings, and enable "Can comment on user walls" for the appropriate group, ie. member, administrator etc.

    Ultimately the wall funnily as i modified has two levels of permission. There is a role based permission, and there is a personal wall permission. But ultimately writing on the wall still depends on the forum admin allowing the group to write.

    So here are 2 examples.
    #1, account1 has a role based permission to write, but account2 doesn't allow public to write on his wall. Therefore account1 can't write on account2.

    #2, now account3 doesn't have a role based permission to write, but however allows the public to write on his wall, therefore account1 is able to write on account3's wall. account3 won't be able to write on his own wall either because he doesn't have the role permissions to write.

    However for editing and deleting the comments, it is based on ownership of the wall and ownership of the comment itself.
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