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Stuff Displayer

Stuff Displayer


  • Just thoughts. ignoring is optional :)

    1) How about adding Stuffy to the sidebar

    2) I'm thinking of adding a Stuffy.html file that has the code for various services. Like Goolge ads, or top music etc. All people have to do is copy paste them with minor changes. call it Stuffy Repository

    3) leave out the banners, users should add their own code of how the banners should display. whether they want 3 ads in the middle, just like or whatever. will make for a simpler extension. just placeholders nothing else. Plus ur header is OUTSIDE the html tag. replace one of the banner with the header so its inside the body tag

    4) New interface. like that of Drupal 5. that will allow u to add as many Stuffy's as u wish
  • VERY nice idea, beautiful. Drupal is just great.
  • 1) How about adding Stuffy to the sidebar
    Sure, that would make sense. I just need to find how, but it shouldn't be too hard.

    2) I'm thinking of adding a Stuffy.html file that has the code for various services.
    Personally I'd rather prefer to avoid this. I rewrote the second version in order to allow users to enter their content without modifiying anything. But since I didn't find a real solution to the line breaks problem, an external file would probably help.

    3) leave out the banners, users should add their own code of how the banners should display.
    Well I added banners for lazy people who don't want to code anything. In fact I even wanted to make the stylesheet editable via the administrative settings, but didn't figure out how to do. People who want a highly customizable banner can use the above-header-stuff-displayer, and others can just use the banners items. Need to have a look to this HTML tag though, thanks for pointing this.

    4) New interface. like that of Drupal 5.
    Looks cool, but I've no idea how to do that. I still need to dramatically improve my PHP skills...
  • Ok guys...

    I've tried various things and well, they worked...

    At the moment I'm writing a new version which works almost the same way than the current one (checkboxes in the administrative settings) but where you put your content in external HTML files. And guess what ? There's no problem with Google Adsense :)
  • :D Great to hear :) Thank you man!
  • you should look at how Page Manger outputs the code into a seperate php file.
    it works pretty well
    avcourse the best option will be to put all of it in the database.

    don't worry about line breaks
    u can use preg_replace. i tested it and it will add line breaks to javascript as well
    so anyone wanting a line break should use the br tag
  • Hello Ø! Do you have a plan when you will release an update?
  • I've an almost finished a new version which seems to work, with plain old HTML files for each content item. No line breaks problem anymore, stuff is displayed the same way it's put in the source files.

    I'll just need to test it on Vanilla 1.1.1 now (or 1.1.2...)

    Using the database would be cool, I'll give it a try when I'll be more confident with my MySQL skills. I'm still thinking about settings for displaying stuff separately on each tab, and side panel support. I guess I'll try this for a next version.
  • Hi Ø! Would you please upload the new version? Can't wait! :D THANK YA!
  • I'll try to do that in a few hours if I have the time. Since nobody reported a conflict with the Announcement extension, upon which Stuff Displayer is based, I suppose there should be no problem with Vanilla 1.1.2.

    Now, the bad news: I bought a Wii.
    So, if I don't have the time... you'll now why ;)
  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! aaahm -
  • Well, it seems to work. The new version is on the way to the addons repository.
  • Version number changed from 2.0.2 to 2.1.
  • Uploaded version 2.1 of Stuff Displayer.
  • it works PERFECT!
  • You should read this
    Extension Options

    use this code
    $ExtensionOptions = $Context->GetDefinition('ExtensionOptions'); $Panel->AddList($ExtensionOptions, 10); $Panel->AddListItem($ExtensionOptions,$Context->GetDefinition('StuffDisplayerSettings'),GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'settings.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=StuffDisplayer')); }
  • Ah, right. I forgot about it. We should put this in the official addons guidelines. Nice suggestion, I agree with you. I'll release an update soon.
  • great add-on, thanks. but i have one question. i am using both banners with the purplehaze style and they are adjusted colourwise accordingly. yet, i want other users to be able to use custom styles. if, however, they switch to another style, there would be a gap in-between the banners. is it possible to add some kind of a customizable 'filler' for that one?
  • Well, you can change the banner according to the style quite easily if you override the banner's CSS class in the style's stylesheet.

    1 - Open extensions /StuffDisplayer/style.css, copy then delete these lines:
    #LeftBannerStuffDisplayer { display:block; width: 256px; height: 64px; background: url(images/left-banner.gif) no-repeat; margin-left: 0px; } #RightBannerStuffDisplayer { display:block; width: 256px; height: 64px; background: url(images/right-banner.gif) no-repeat; position:absolute; right:0px; }

    2 - Open your style's vanilla.css file then paste what you just copied before and change the background for the banners. Do that for each style you have in stock.
  • thanks. although, perhaps, making the original banners transparent is also an option (if not for some crappy browsers around). thanks again
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