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Thankful People

This discussion is related to the Thankful People addon.
edited January 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Thankful People


  • What about the opposite, having an insult link too? That way people could have a nicer way of saying FU, and other people can ignore it.
  • haha, i actually downloaded this and changed it to "douche!" with a thumbs down. my friends and i are jerks.
  • Could you duplicate it, modify one and install it twice?

    Posted: Tuesday, 6 March 2007 at 8:23AM (AEDT)

  • Dont see why not aslong as you changed all the names..
  • Yeah, except package them together as a better addon.
  • How do you remove a "thanks" if you put it on the wrong post? If you can't right now, could you add that as a feature? Thanks!
  • I still want it as a feature, but to delete "thanks" from the wrong post, I went into the database table LUM_ThankfulPeople and deleted the row for that comment.
  • That would seem obvious too :)

    But an insult feature would be excellent ;)
  • definitely.

    maybe have two icons. thumbs up and thumbs down, then have the ability to delete your thanks/insult at any time.
  • Maybe a middle finger instead of a thumbs down :)

  • I want to modify ThankfulPeople by limiting "thanks" to the first comment of a discussion in a certain category. Does anyone know how can i determine if:
    - some comment is the first of a discussion
    - the category id

    I have looked in the documentation and searched in the forums, but i haven't found anything. I don't know much about the framework ... :(
  • I will take all your suggestions into the next release :)
  • That's great news :)

    Since you're so busy and have so many addons, you should really state what's going to be updated when. At least PMs you don't have to do much updating to, ty bschultz.
  • "Yeah, except package them together as a better addon."
  • Thanks for addon :)! Is it possible for you to add a function in your next release to 'remove' thanks you have left? Also, I'd like to add the thumbs up icon next to 'thanks' writing. What line must I edit?

    edit -
    Found out how to get the icon up there. Just incase anyone else was stuck:


    function Comment_ThankfulPeople(&$CommentGrid) {
    $Comment = &$CommentGrid->DelegateParameters['Comment'];
    if ($Comment->AuthUserID !== $Comment->Context->Session->UserID) {
    $CommentList = &$CommentGrid->DelegateParameters['CommentList'];
    $CommentList .= '<---------IMG TAG + URL HERE--------> '.$Comment->Context->GetDefinition('Thanks').'';

    EDIT 2 -

    Has anyone got a version with the code within renamed (so multiple versions can run?). I tried renaming myself but it keeps messing up.
  • I have downloaded this add on, unzip + install it but nothing changes... Have I miss something ?

    More precisely :
    - I have the number of thanks in my user account
    - I don't see where I can "thank" on a comment or in a discussion
    - Which permissions are required ?
    >>> I logged under another administrator and I could see the "thank" link. So some 2 points are linked...
    - Can I thank myself ?
    >>> after some tests, seems that I can't
    - Would it be possible to say when writing a comment if you allow or not such thanks ?
  • Has anyone seen this before? Doesn't seem like it would be caused by interaction with another add ons. This extension seems to work for others, though. Could this be caused by my own mysql server being funky?

    Error Message An error occurred while retrieving data. Affected Elements ThankfulPeople.CommentGrid_InitThankfulPeople(); The error occurred on or near: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'on tp.UserID = u.UserID where m.DiscussionID = '10' ' at line 1
  • Any chance to have a new version of this genuine add-on in a near future ?
    If yes, what would be the changes
    Many thanks in advance
  • Yet another one...

    Notice: Undefined index: ThankfulPeople in /home/myserver/public_html/library/Framework/Framework.Functions.php on line 522

    Notice: Undefined index: ThankfulPeople in /home/myserver/public_html/library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php on line 68

    Notice: Undefined index: ThankfulPeople in /home/myserver/public_html/library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php on line 117

    Notice: Undefined index: ThankfulPeople in /home/myserver/public_html/library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php on line 117

    Notice: Undefined index: ThankfulPeople in /home/myserver/public_html/library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php on line 68
    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred
    Technical information (for support personel):
    Error Message
    An error occurred while retrieving data.
    Affected Elements
    The error occurred on or near: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'as CommentID, tp. as UserID, u.Name as UserName from LUM_Comment m inner join ' at line 1
    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:

    Any suggestion?

    Could it be related to ?
    It happened simultaneously.
  • Add the followings lines to database.php// Thankful People Table Structure $DatabaseTables['ThankfulPeople'] = 'ThankfulPeople'; $DatabaseColumns['ThankfulPeople']['CommentID'] = 'CommentID'; $DatabaseColumns['ThankfulPeople']['UserID'] = 'UserID';
    Also check that you have in settings.php:$Configuration['THANKFULPEOPLE_VERSION'] = '1.0';
  • btw dinoboff, why do we need to add extension version number in the settings.php
  • it is not my extension... but I suppose it is to ease the next upgrade.
  • Love this extension! For anyone else who has moved their conf/database.php file out of their web root, you'll need to edit line 44 from this:

    if (!AppendToConfigurationFile($Configuration['APPLICATION_PATH'].'conf/database.php', $Structure)) $Errors = 1;

    to this:

    if (!AppendToConfigurationFile($Configuration['DATABASE_PATH'], $Structure)) $Errors = 1;

    Where your conf/settings.php file has the $Configuration['DATABASE_PATH'] pointing to the location of your database.php file.

    Thanks for a great extension.
  • If I wanted to create a new add-on that only works when the number of Thankful People for a particular user is greater than 1, what is the code that I use in that other add on?

    I'm basically looking for an "if" statement that figures out the Thankful People count for any particular user. Any ideas?

    Never mind, I figured it out.
  • If there should be "insult votes"-function please make it optional so the admin can deactivate this function (I dont like it).

    It would be nice if the amount of thankfull peoples who have voted for the initial discussion-post would be displayed on the overview-page/frontpage.
  • Dear people
    very new BUT NOT totally DUMB one here...I would like to use this extension ain't got a read me file. It dont seem to work on the extension folder....and it changed the conf/extensions.php.....which with my small brain I feel very clever for fixing myself..said the little red hen BUT can someone tell moi where to put it. I love its not wasted on me!

  • After you activate this extension, you will only see the ability to thank someone on the Comments page. Then on each person's account page they can see how many thank you's they have received.
  • Been using this and love it, as does my userbase, I think. It'd be a great candidate for ajaxifying, so no page load is necessary after hitting thanks -- any plans (asking the author) or any tips (asking anyone) to leverage Mootools to make that happen?
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