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Discussion Tags

Discussion Tags


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    Love this, but doesn't work with tables theme.
    How difficult would it be to adapt?
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    I also love this extension. It's a nice supplement to the category system. Any chance of this being added to the core code (with a search option, manage tags through settings, ...)?
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    Is it possible to display those tags at the first comment of the discussion, too?
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    The Phrase "All Discussion Tags" is aligned to the right...

    Any thoughts?
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    Using FireBug (a kick-ass free add-on for FireFox) it's really easy to see the cause: vanilla.css (line 260)
    .ContentInfo { text-align:right; }
    FYI, the way I do this (after FireBug add-on is installed, which you can get at
    - Open page with problem.
    - Hit F12 to open FireBug
    - Click INSPECT button
    - Move cursor over offending CSS problem
    - Click once -> CSS appears on right with full inheritance
    - Scroll down the items and see what could be causing the problem..
    - You can EVEN test LIVE this by temporarily editing the CSS on the right (just click in label/tag))

    This add-on is the best thing since sliced bread... (with cheese!)

    Anyway, that said... vanilla.css is pretty complex. Always make a backup, always test on different browsers.

    Good luck.
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    Simply changing .ContentInfo would cause different problems, e.g. distorting the position of 'Bottom of Page'. As far as I can see, the extension uses o not yet defined CSS class 'ContentInfo Top BlogsTitle'. Maybe you can use that one.
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    Not that easy because

    .ContentInfo {

    is needed for the phrase "Bottom of Page" in the discussions (i think).
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    Try ADDING to the bottom of vanilla.css (untested, I'm lazy)

    .ContentInfo.Top.BlogsTitle { text-align:left; }

    Scratch... see that was already suggested... Did you try it?
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    Not that easy. Some of the above fixes the alignment for the Phrase "All Discussion Tags" but then there is a problem with the text "Bottom of Page".

    Not easy :)
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    Has anyone figured a way to move the tags listing on the comments page to display inline under the first discussion as opposed to the panel? Or even how to display "Discussion Tags" the way "Recent Tags" looks, inline. Right now I have users that at first glance are confused at it's resemblance of the "Who's Online" extension.
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    I think it would be easier to put above the discussions, having played around a little with the comments.
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    iternity wrote:
    "The Phrase 'All Discussion Tags' is aligned to the right ..."

    I think I've hacked this into place without breaking anything. ;-)

    In the DiscussionTags default.php file I added the following after line 233:

    It now looks something like this:

    if ($Context->SelfUrl == 'extension.php' AND ForceIncomingString('PostBackAction','') == 'DiscussionTags') { $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/DiscussionTags/style.css'); $Context->PageTitle = 'Discussion Tags';
    This forces the DiscussionTags style.css file to be called on the page in question (as an aside: I think its okay to move the earlier identical reference to this position, rather than creating a second reference — but I'll leave that for you to decide). At any rate, we do this because the style.css file was being called on the Discussions page, but not the DiscussionTags page (now it's called on both).

    Further down the default.php file (right towards the end), there are some "echo '...blah...';" writes.

    I changed mine to look like this (the first line is just for reference):

    $min = 0; echo '<div class="ContentInfo"><h1>All Discussion Tags</h1></div>';
    And even further down, I replaced the remaining writes with:

    echo '<div id="BackToDiscuss"><a href="index.php">&laquo; Back to Discussion view</a></div>';
    Then in the style.css file, I added:

    /* Fixer-Upper */ #ExtensionPage .ContentInfo h1 { text-align: left !important; padding: 20px 10px 20px 0; } #BackToDiscuss { padding-top: 10px; }
    It'd probably be an idea to use the exact same classes/ids used by Vanilla. Also, we could reduce the number of divs being utilised pretty easily. I would have looked into it ... (but am lazy). #BackToDiscuss was off the top of my head and is probably not ideal ... However, I'm just arguing semantics here. It works just fine.

    I also fixed up the sidebar from peeking through the Soulscape theme margins, but that was a no-brainer (convert to unordered list).

    So, I think that's everything I did. You get the general idea, anyway.
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    Hi, my users are complaining about a major drop in performance since i installed this plugin. are there more people noticing this, and is there someone that maybe has a solution to speed things up.

    Currently there are only 10 tags used in the forum, will it slowdown more if more tags get used?
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    Since there was never a reaction about the performance i have rewritten this plugin a bit to increase performance to an acceptable level. I will modify it so, it can be installed over the original plugin and post it here. (indication of increase, - with no plugin and 10 users active the discussions page with 30 discussions loaded in 3-5 secs. - with original plugin, and 10 users active the discussions page with 30 discussions loaded in 15-20 secs. - with my modification and 10 users active the discussions page with 30 discussions loaded in 4-5 secs.
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    15-20 seconds?? That doesn't sound right. I think other users of this Add-On would have complained about that slowness by now if it were affecting everyone. It might just be your site. The main issue I noticed was that those who have permission to tag had to load extra javascripts -- which bogged things down a bit. But, my feeling is that not every user should need to tag things (certainly non-authenticatd guests can't). So, most users wouldn't be affected by this in that set up. Were you having slowness everywhere? Even when people weren't logged in??
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    Well it really only was the discussion page with the tags, that slows things down, if i turn off my tweaked page, and turn on the original, load times increase drastically. I can't test it with no users logged in, there are always at least 7-15 users logged in 24/7. The problem is in the sql of the DiscussionTagList. For every line a sql query with a join on 2 tables is called, and the full result set is parsed row by row. This is done without using the SQL-builder. using the sql builder and caching the tags, so they can be fetched in one single value single row result for each line has given me enough speed increase so people don't notice any difference with it turned on or off. Maybe it is my setup, it is running on minimal hardware, and the sql server is not on the same server as the website.
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    You should get in touch with houseinprogress. Sounds like you have some good ideas. It's not clear if he is still supporting this Add-On or not. Does anyone know? BTW, you can see his forum with lots of tags here:
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    Hey folks, sorry to be absent for a while. I've not been actively developing features at for a few months so I've been here less often.

    As dan39 suggested, we've got lots of tags on our own install and we aren't seeing 15-20 second load times. We did have general slowness issues on a shared hosting account earlier this year but moving to a dedicated server addressed most of that.

    I am interested in ideas like the ones above that speed up the database calls, though. little_peet, if you post your code here I can have the developer who helps (I don't code the extensions myself) me look at it.
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    I get this error when clicking on the "view all tags" link:

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred

    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    The "DiscussionTags" class referenced by "DiscussionTags" does not appear to exist.
    Affected Elements
    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:

    Am using MAMP on OSX for local development. I have changed some of the default language definitions in my own /conf/language.php file if that means anything (new to Vanilla), but I guess it should not make any difference...
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